Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dark kiss from bath & body, the jesus & braids

one of my great purchases the other day from b&bw was dark kiss shower gel, i think it was $1, it was the smaller travel sized bottle, it smelled good in the bottle so i got it.  i used it this morning & i can still smell it!  it would be nice but i don't like musk scents.  :(  this is kind of like the twilight woods scent but tw smells 1000x worse.  omg that shit STANKS!!!  so i think i will not use it again & let jess have it.  so loves all that stuff & she loves the tw scent too.  :(  one day she showered with it & then had body spray & i could smell that crap for HOURS!!!  it probably is not helpful to me that i'm super sensitive to perfumes & stuff like that.  every since i quit smoking 9½ yrs ago my sense of smell is crazy! 
dark kiss from b&bw

speaking of smelly stuffs, last night it was mez night with my crochet/knit group & cristal got a glass of wine that smelled so alcohol-y it was ridiculous!  then claudia got this brownie ala mode thing & the chocolate smell was HORRIFIC!  it made me sick to my stomach!  WTF!  chocolate as a smell, is not a BAD thing at all!  i'm so hoping it's the predinose pack i'm taking for my foot & not the dreadful pregnancy sensitivity!  i have the implanon so i'm thinking it's the steroids!  :)

oh & i want to introduce everyone to jesus.  yes that's right, like jc not the spanish version.  i call him jesus because he reminds me of 'the jesus' from the big lebowski.  he scares me all the time because it looks like a man standing behind me & in the dark it's even freakier!  i like it though.  whoever did it, guessing it's syd, from the name next to him, did a good job.  i guess it could be angelina jolie or steven tyler in a purple jumpsuit too with those big ass lips.  :)

this is 'the jesus' from big lebowski, i meant to post with the other pics yesterday :o)

then this morning my princesses looked so pretty, they had pink tanks on & i did their hair all pretty so i snapped a pic.  i love q's hair this am, i did a small braid in the front & then just gathered it into a pony tail.  my french braiding is getting so much better, jess will be super excited as she is always asking me to braid her hair.  :)  oh i miss jess so much!  i get to see her in a week.  :o]

hopp & q, such cuties!!!!

braid from the top side view, so proud of myself! 


Claudia said...

Did you go to Dollar Tree yet and get that thing you needed to check about your sensitivities?

Cute girls; freakin' weird Jesus....

stephanni :] said...

no but funny enough i got a tryology survey to try out a clearblue easy product!!! :O nooooooo! are these clues??? oh please tell me no, however jason would be ecstatic! ;P

had you seen jesus yet? i know you usually park in the front so i didn't know if you had met him yet. :)

HealthyHappyMomma said...

I love the braid...always wanted to learn so i can braid my own hair..

crystal said...

i guess i'll have to switch my weekly showers to Tuesday now that I know your sense of smell is so sensitive, Steph.