Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a small update from the pillcam thing

just a quick note, i will know more on the 2nd of august when i go for a full follow-up.  i have no signs of crohn's!!!!  this is a good thing!  it just means i am a carrier of crohn's since it showed up in my blood work.  so that means that all my stomach issues over the past 16 years has been from celiac's disease!  however, "due to age", i have pinpoint areas in my intestine that could possibly bleed.  they aren't now but nice to know at 35 my body is aging.  also to add to my medical history resume, i have IBS!  yea!  i'm guessing it's because of the wheat intolerance.

so now it's on!  i'm really going to be good to myself on this whole no-wheat thing.  i'm going to try so hard!  i know i will have my moments of weakness but i know i will conquer this!  i have to, i have q to worry about now with her celiac's too.  i'm going to start going to the support group to learn more. 

some of you also know i thought i broke my foot.  it has been hurting for over a month now & i finally caved about 3 wks ago & went to see the dr.  it was initially diagnosed as a broke foot but the radiologist called back & said it was a bone spur & plantar facitis.  so after 2wks of people coming up to me telling me i have two different shoes on, yes i know i have a flip flop & a tennis shoe looking thing on!, i'm going to see a podiatrist.  so my appt is at 10:45 this am & i will let you know how it goes.  :)


Claudia said...

And then what happened?

stephanni :] said...

shot in the foot, hurt so fucking bad!!!! night splint to wear while sleeping & then some stretching & putting ice on it when i can. i go back on the 2nd of August for a follow-up. :)

Candi said...

Glad you know what is going on and the diagnosis! sorry it hurt so bad :(

stephanni :] said...

well, i guess that's what happens when you get older & your body ages. it's a good thing you are doing the jazzercise thing, candi, it will help in the long term. as soon as my foot gets better i'm going to start walking & eventually try jogging. i just got too much going on, belly-wise for me to be doing fast movement. :O