Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what do you see?

when you see this picture, what do you see? 

what do you see?

crazy jess ;o)
 this is my sweet jess, she is 16 & very silly!  you know how you lose brain cells while pregnant, i think it happens we when are teens as well.  sometimes i'm just like, "what are you thinking, child?".  i know my parents were asking this themselves when i was a teen.  now don't get me wrong, she is much more innocent than i was so it's not in a different tone my parents would probably asked themselves about me.  ;)

well this sweet, beautiful teen of mine said she thought it was a "pregnant fire-haired lady".  OMG for real?!?  if you don't know what it is, it's a silhouette of a deer.  we see them on at least 25% of cars in the area.  us texans love to hunt deer, it's just a way of life around here.  most don't hunt for sport, it's to eat.  if you are upset about this, please don't be, well at least for the ones that hunt to eat anyways.  if we didn't have deer hunters our deer population would be OUT OF CONTROL!!!  i'm not condoning hunting but i'm not against it either. 

ok, back to the pregnant lady.  while i was completely shocked at first, i now see what she is talking about.  it looks as if a lady is hugely pregnant with her hand on her back hip & her hair is flowing up as if her hair was fire.

so do you only see the deer silhouette or do you see the pregnant lady as well?  every since she told me this i only see the pregnant lady, i have to focus to see the deer.  it's like the rabbit chicken optical illusion thing.  :)


Claudia said...

OK, first of all, this logo is not evident to every Texan. I couldn't figure out what it was either and I kept seeing it everywhere. I finally asked DH and he told me that it was a logo for a company. I can now see the deer--now that you tell me what it is. But I can see why Jess would be confused by it, too.

stephanni :] said...

i think it's because you are not a hunter, nor is your DH. iJ & i are not hunters either but deer hunting was a big part of what was going on when i was growing up in, ::shudder::, clyde. so when i saw the logo for the first time i knew exactly what it was. :)