Thursday, June 30, 2011

new roof day! finally, after at least a month of talking to 3 different roofers, it's time to get a new look

apparently the bad hail storm we received on easter was enough to total my roof.  we have no leaks yet so it wasn't pertinent to get it done ASAP.  as a matter of fact, i didn't even have anyone come look at the roof until about 2-3 wks later.  a guy just came up & asked if i wanted a free estimate, sure why not!  :)  i was shocked it was totaled!  so i know it's corny to blog about this but i always think, 'why didn't i take pics so i could see before & after stuff', it's too late by that time so i remembered to take pics last night as soon as i got home.  as of this am we did have a light grey/whitish roof but this time we are going with a dark grey roof, it's going to be so pretty!  our house is white vinyl siding with ugly hunter green shutters, i may see if we can have them paint them while they are working on the house.  the hunter green is just not appealing to me, hey, maybe i will get wild & make them red!  so anywho, we are getting new gutters, a new way to have air flow in the roof without those ugly turbines, again it's all MAGIG to me!  i just can't wait to see the finished product.  we are also going to get the rails painted as they are 'vintage' looking with all that rust.  :)  the gutters, i believe will be seamless so you will only notice they are gone & we will have new downspouts.

so without further ado, here is the house before...
just the front total, all that bush going on is going to get trimmed, you can't see our mickey mouse ears in the pic but we have 2 dish satellites on each corner of the house & it's such an eye sore!  the guy that originally put them up had no idea how to do it right & make it look good.  he even used the light clips to hold up the cable!  really?!?  so that's coming down too.

see all the chipped paint on the railing?  so vintage!  ;)

you can see the downspout doesn't even connect & all the dirt is getting power washed!

so this is what it looked like when i left for work this am, precisely 7:38am, i only know because it labeled it with the time.  :)  they got to the house before 6:30am & started making a ruckus.  i was already up, due to my stupid living room light, which is a totally other story!  it did wake up jason though so his sleepy head came down the hall & sat down with me in the living room while i finished some more of the callie blanket, almost done, should have it all finished tonight!  :)

look at that pile of shingles, i went to the back to check on the pool filter & it didn't even look like a lot had been done but boy, that's A LOT of noise! 
i feel like i need to take the roofers a snack or cool drink but i know they probably like to stay away from sugary drinks & drink mainly water.  i complain about the hot-ass heat all the time but i can't even imagine what it's like on a hot-stinkin'-ass roof all DAMN day long!  geez these guys do not get paid enough!!!  should i bring them a snack when i go for lunch or come home tonight?


crystal said...

Something similar happened to us. We hadn't planned on getting the roof looked at all bc there wasn't any obvious damage that we could see. Some roofer came by the hose, got on the roof and told us that it was awful. Now were having to pay to get it fixed. It sucks!!

stephanni :] said...

i ended up giving them 2 of those long popsicles in the long tubes. the guys were so happy to get them. it was so funny. :)

Claudia said...

Hmm, how'd I miss this. No one has asked about this roof and I don't care. :)

Can't wait to see it all done.