Tuesday, June 28, 2011

new yarnin store! bath & body jackpot and some flowers in my flower bed

so i went with one of my best friends & crochet mentor to the new lys this saturday...  i love it but the prices are such a turnoff!  i understand the need to have pricier yarns & stuff not available in our local stores but i would be much more willing to pay for yarn that is around the hobby lobby price & i usually have a coupon as well.  i barely want to pay the price i do with the coupon.  i'm just super cheap i guess.  i love the stuff though, it's absolutely beautiful in the store & they have a section for your kids to play while you shop & or knit/crochet.  i will probably buy some supplies there but i will always buy the cheapest i can get my hands on.  :o)  so i took some pics of the girls on the little sheep rocker, hopp loved it & almost wouldn't let anyone else on to rock on it. 

hopp hoggin' the rocker

q cheesin'

so before we headed over to the lys, we stopped to get the baby car's oil changed.  i'm so pissed at my local dealer!  i had a coupon for an oil change, tire rotation & 23pt inspection for $21.95, not bad, but they totally didn't say there were 'hidden' charges.  so my $21.95 oil change ended up being $31.71!  i double checked with the lady before i paid & she verified it was correct.  wow, i like how they can just do that.  midas charges $24.95 & with tax it was less than $28-29!  i will make an appt with midas from now on until they stop the promotion.  i REFUSE to go back to the dealer house!!!!

on a silly note, we started walking around looking at cars on the lot & we came across the jeep wranglers, q fell in LOVE with it.  they had all types of colors to choose from; burgundy, fire engine red, dark blue, cream, black & i think white.  she said that the cream one was her fave color in the jeep.  :)  so i told her to stand by her fave color & i would take a pic of her with it.  this happened to be the 4door version so it's not the real wrangler she loved but they look the same from the front right?!?  :o)  look at her gettin' her vanna on! 

her fave car on the lot!

so after nap, we send q on her way to nana's, this time hopp didn't get to go because nana got a tendon cut on one of her toes & hopp still needs help on the potty & her being the same size almost as q, she couldn't help her do it.  nana was so sad too, she felt lost without little hopp there too.  :(  but there will be this coming weekend.  :)  so hopp & i decided we wanted to go check out this tipee that jason saw at a friend's house that they got at kirkland's for $5, it was gone so we headed towards bath & body because i remembered they were having a 75% off sale on the old scents & bringing in new scents.  i hit the jackpot!  they had antibacterial hand soaps, foaming & deep cleaning, for $1.25 per bottle!!!!  they had apple pie & lime basil so i got 2 lime basil & 2 each of the deep cleaning & foaming apple pie.  :)  the apple pie smells so DELISH!!!  i got two regular bottles of shower gel, one cherry vanilla, i think, & coconut vanilla.

bath & body stash!
 my fave pick out of all the stuff i got, is the coconut beach hand gel sanitizer!  it smells so gooooooood!!!  i really love that coconut suntan lotion smell & it smells just like it!  i have been looking for this stuff forever & they are getting rid of it!  aaaaaaaugh!  :(  so i snatched up the last two tiny bottles & ran to the register so no one could take my 'precious'.  :)

yummy coconut beach!  if you find this stuff get some for me & i will refund you.  :)

so the other day i had my pool filter out & was spraying it down to reuse it later & i happen to go ahead & spray my sad little flower bed.  we have amaryllis growing but it hadn't bloomed yet, shocking because usually in the early spring it will blossom like crazy, i've had 15 buds on one stock before!  but i never remember to water that stuff so it never bloomed.  well with this little watering i did it went crazy!!!!  i even have some calla lily stalks growing, planted last year & hasn't bloomed once yet.  it will though, i'm gonna get better at that too.  i also have some peonies planted but they did the same thing just green plants & no flowers.  so here is the pic of my pretty amaryllis flowers & don't pay attention to the dead leaves on the plant, i haven't pruned it yet.  :(  just goes to show you how hardy lilies are.  just plant & forget, well just a little bit.  i have amaryllis & irises that bloom in the back, see previous, & i NEVER water them but they come back every year!  so i highly suggest irises & lilies if you want a VERY low maintenance flower garden.  :)

love it! what are these day lillies or amaryllis?  i think the amaryllis are in the back. :)


Claudia said...

Busy girl ...

I don't know what lys stands for though. But I guess I know where you're talking about. I don't think I like a place that has a kids section. Aren't I supposed to be getting a break from them if I go out with my friends?

Don't even talk to me about flowers ... really? I'm such a black thumb; maybe if I remembered to water them.

Glad y'all are having fun together.

stephanni :] said...

i'm not as busy as you! :D

an lys is a local yarn store. we can teach j how to knit! if we do it it will only be maybe once a month with the kiddos, i'm shoot for 3mths. :)

really, just plant some bulbs & they come back all by themselves. i'm just as much a black thumb as you & i can't kill these things!!! have j or even k would love it, water them as a chore, once a week. just get a little water pail let them fill it up & it all good.

i've missed you! hope you come tonight to the ol' cc night. i know you are busy playing catch up though. :)