Wednesday, June 15, 2011

garage sale oopsie!

before jess left for dallas we went garage saleing or as we call it 'going crazy'.  long story short, when q was about 3 we went A LOT & she asked me where we were going, not knowing where we were at in town.  i gave her the ol' 'we're going crazy' line our moms always used to tell us when we asked where we were going at that age.  well i didn't think anything of it & we passed a small garage sale & q said, 'mom, there's a "crazy"'.  jess & i looked at each other & died laughing!  it was the cutest thing ever!  so every since then we call it going crazy.  :o)

well on this particular trip, it was just hopp & jess & i, as we were looking around at this church rummage sale, jess found a puzzle she wanted & i told hopp she could have a book so after deciding on a book i just grabbed it & i paid & we went about our business.  this is what i saw, cute little chicks...

cute little chicks!

well, because i didn't pay attention to what the book actually said, i didn't realize what the book was actually about.  so when hopp was looking at the pics in the back she dropped the book & asked for one of us to get it so jess reached down to get it & started looking at the book.  she said, um mom did you see this?  i was driving & of course couldn't look at it so i told her to tell me what the problem was.  she started laughing & said mom this book is about pregnancy.  i said WHAT???  not that it's a big deal but i thought it was a stupid cute little chick book!  oh geez, i'm so unobservant!  what an oopsie i did!  so we laughed about it & when we stopped at sonic for a drink & a snack before coming home i looked at it a little bit.  it's really cute & funny & the pics are adorable!  one of the lines says "Good Night Moon, Hello Martini", with the mom chick leaving the baby to sleep in the crib.

this is what's on the cover

so i'm not for sure what to do with the book.  i will probably give it to one of my pregger friends.  :o)

oh & btw, when we got home i noticed the puzzle was a beer puzzle, it has all kinds of different beer brands on it, it was brand new with the plastic on it.  i'm wondering what else non-traditional church stuff was there too.  ;)  crazy finds at a church rummage sale, beer puzzle & a chicken pregnancy book, do you see the baby chicken between the mom chick's legs?  how did i miss that?!?


SassyMomma said...

OMG!!! That's hilarious!!! That book is adorable....maybe not age appropriate, but she can't read YET. I say let her have at it ;0)
Just look at it this way::
You are teaching them "Cause and Effect"
Beer CAUSES Pregnancy because it EFFECTS your brain! bahahahahaha!!

Claudia said...

OH my, what happened to my comment? Did you delete it?

I said, if I didn't have so many books already, I'd keep that one. Either way, I think I'm gonna need to scan it and the pictures in and have some fun with it.

Not sure what to make of the beer puzzle; and now I'm thinking that I may have to go crazy with you sometime. :)