Thursday, June 30, 2011

a surprise at michaels & the gentleman car

so i went to michaels very briefly while at lunch, i was told they had a bunch of clearance crochet/knit stuff & some yarn so i wanted to check it out.  i looked through the bin of yarn & found this one little skein of yarn i had been looking at for a while & it was marked 1.99, ok it was 4.49 or something like that so that's a bargain & then i saw the mother of all hooks!  a Q hook, i don't know of a hook bigger but i'm sure there's one bigger out there, well it was .99 so i snatched that up too.  i looked a little more but didn't see anything else i just had to have & so i checked out.  i didn't have a ton of time so that was ok.  :)  so i got to the register & was about to hand her some money & she said, 'that's $1.60', wait... what?  so i looked up & saw that the yarn was only .49!!!!  holy shit!!!  YES!!!  so i was happy as could be & went back to work.  made my day so much better.  only way it would have been any better was if there were more skeins of the stuff.  ;)

my new yarn & hook jackpot!  :)  that hook is huge!

so as i was about to leave the parking lot i noticed this little white car, it had something funny on the hood but i wasn't for sure if it was what i thought it was.  yep!  it was, they had a vinyl decal of a mustache on it!  omg, it was so funny.  well i had to get a pic & there was a car that was taking it's sweet time getting out of the parking spot behind me & then a truck trying to take it's spot so i lost the car.  :(  dammit, i wanted that pic!  so i stalked the parking lot, i found it by old navy.  so i parked right in front of it & snapped that pic.  my day just got even better.  see it doesn't take much to make my day!  seriously, i love the novelty of mustaches, i made one you can see it in my older post here, it's sparkly & green too.  :)  i didn't expect to see a mom with a 2yr old getting out.  i thought it would have been a teen.  :)

introducing, the gentleman car!  doesn't this just make you smile? 
if you know this person tell them i think they are AWESOME!!!!  :) 


crystal said...

have you seen the headlight eyelashes? i want those sooo badly. they even have glitter eyeliner. i'm afraid they'd get stolen so i haven't gotten them.

crystal said...

ps I'm going to Michaels.

stephanni :] said...

what! eyelashes? omg, so cute! i will definitely check it out. :)

i want to go again today at lunch, they have this spa yarn on sale in this really pretty light green & it's so soft, i'm sure it's way cheaper than marked as well. don't take my yarn CRYSTAL!!!!! ;)

Claudia said...

OMG ... what is wrong with you people? LOL

Eyelashes and mustashes... only if they're covering up dents or something and then only maybe!

OK . . . I am NOT going to Michaels; I know you're shocked. ;)