Friday, June 24, 2011

another blanket & some gf goodies

so i got a request to make a blanket for a sweet little 22mth old girl. she had a peach sized tumor in the back of her brain!  they were able to get it out & i'm sure they are waiting on results from the tumor on if it's benign or malignant.  let's hope it's not malignant!  from what i have heard, she is doing great!  so that's good news!  so anywho, i'm making the same style as the last one, it's so pretty!  jessica chose pink, purple, turquoise & lime green for me to use.  it's going to be so pretty when finished!  i love bright, rainbow stuff!  it just makes me happy.  :)

my camera on my phone doesn't have a flash so i can't figure out which is the better representation of the colors in the blanket.

it's so pretty & i can't wait to get it finished  & ms callie can snuggle up with it :)
 ok, so those of you that can crochet, you can find the pattern here it's a kathy north pattern.  i find all my patterns on ravelry, i find it much easier to sort & see what the actual outcome will be on the patterns.  plus they have a huge free pattern database for knitting & crocheting.  can't beat free huh?  :)  oh & btw my user name on ravelry is stephanni. 

ok, on to gf goodies.  i have had a really hard time finding recipes to make our fave foods gf friendly.  i just don't know what i'm suppose to use to substitute.  it's going to be a long learning experience but there are lots of good websites with gf recipes.  it's just a matter of going through & finding what's good to our little taste buds.  i bought the betty crocker gf brownies right after i found out i had celiac's & just now, got around to making them.  i just don't like baking, too many dishes & always a mess to clean!  so i pulled out the stuff & started making them.  of course i want to get q involved because she has celiac's too, we just found out.  i feel if she is more involved, she will be more willing to eat & like what we have.  i will have to get jess involved as well as i think she is affected too.  it's a hereditary disease so i wouldn't be surprised if hopp gets symptoms somewhere down the line as well.  i snapped this blurry pic when she was "stirring" the brownies.  they are really thick but overall, they are pretty delish.  so i give the betty crocker gf brownies an excellent 'around the world & back snap' (in my most wonderful in living color impression)! q & hopp both liked them very much!  so it's a win-win in our house.  :)

makin' brownies... gf brownies that is :)  she is so sweet & always willing to help out.  look at that teethy grin!  love it!!!!

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Claudia said...

Good for you, Steph! Glad to hear you're figurin' this thing out.

Pretty blanket; hope Callie stays well.