Friday, July 1, 2011

roof update

so here is how the progress is going.  the entire back of the house is roofed last night & then around 10ish all the shingles were up & done!  all that is left is the little things.  :)  i will have a finished pic tomorrow.

taken at lunch yesterday around 1:15p, still taking shingles off

this am at 7:30 the back is finish.  these guys worked so hard, they were there until after 7:30 last night!

this am before i left for work at 7:45, they are putting up the shingles in the front

oh & i'm finished with the callie blanket!  i have a little surprise for her & unfortunately i can't tell you guys in what i'm doing for her.  i will reveal it when she gets it.  i'm working on something a little similar but totally different for a friend of mine, sarah, she reads my blog so i can't give it away.  :)  can't wait to show you guys!!!  have a great weekend & be safe!  who all is going to watch the fireworks this weekend in town?  i won't go to the park but we may drive out to jason's old job & check them out.  it's a great view & you don't have to get in all that traffic & idiotic people.  :)


Claudia said...

OK ... can't wait until the final thing to see it all.

Not sure about fireworks ... or whatever just yet.

Shania said...

Yeah, the conclusion of that construction should be very nice. The roofing is looking good and it matches the house fairly well. Seems like a good reason to further enjoy the 4th of July fireworks!

-Shania Fargo