Tuesday, October 25, 2011


not the tv show but tortilla chips.  :o)
less salt please!
at hopp's bday party i served nachos, you know the baseball nachos.  those are the most delish kind (well unless you have had carne asada nachos). & hold up really well when you let them sit with ooey gooey cheese on top of them anyways, i bought two kinds of chips, santitos & tostitos bite sized rounds.  i love tostitos but they are sooooooo salty!!!  i like salty but not the kind that burns your tongue because it's too salty.  i actually prefer the ½ salt lays potato chips, they are super yummy & perfect amt of salty.  we also have to watch our salt due to heart issues with jason so i decided to write lays about their tortilla chips.  when writing them you have the choice of either a compliment or a complaint email.  i went with complaint only because they are too salty but i wanted to offer more of a suggestion.  i wanted to know if they could come out with a line of ½ salt tortilla chips, i prefer the bite size version but normal size would be totally ok with me.  so as i was struggling with my phone, it's not the best at email, i just expressed myself as nicely as i could that they were too salty to eat & then offered my suggestion.  this is what i got in response, let me also state that when i complain i NEVER expect anything in return i just want to tell you my opinion...

Hi Stephanni,

Thank you for writing. I'm sorry you had a negative experience with Tostitos Bite Size Rounds and apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment this caused. I'm sending coupons to you which should arrive in about a week.

Quality is a top priority at Frito-Lay. Thanks to the information you provided, we are better able to investigate and take any actions necessary to prevent a recurrence.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.

Should you have further questions or comments, please click on this link or copy/paste this link into your browser to send a reply:
i took out this part :)

Best regards,

Frito-Lay Consumer Relations

wow!  how nice of them.  it's nice to have a company take your comments & suggestions (well at least pretend to listen) & then give you something back   ;o)  i did get 2 coupons for a free bag of their chips any brand & another $1 off coupon.  i think i will reply back to that email & thank her for them. 

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crystal said...

that is cool! i've heard of companies doing this before... well one company. its definitely worth the time when you get some free stuff!