Wednesday, October 12, 2011

quick wipw, again...

busy, busy, busy so here are the pics

here's the entire dark set & i only have 7 all the way.  so that makes 34 (i think) of the 88 all the way ready to be hooked together.  still a lot of work but can't wait for the finished product!  friday i will hopefully have more & show you all the finished squares i have.

this is where i'm at on hopp's poncho.  i started on the 13th row & that is the last row before i do the shell edging which will add lots more length to it.  this is her bday present & it really a quick one but i keep running out of yarn because it's not regular worsted yarn so there's not as much as a normal skein.  i'm using michael's loops & threads charisma in the dark purple (not for sure of the exact name) but hopp picked out the color she just doesn't know what it's for.  :o)  i love this yarn!  it's so super soft & works up really fast because it's bulky yarn & looks so cute in my bear hats.

ok, now i showed you mine,
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pinkundine said...

The poncho looks great, so wonderfully snuggly. Great colour too :)

stormarela said...

I love those colours together and can't wait to see the finished afghan!