Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a little bit about the weekend & a new gf/low carb recipe

i was pretty much the homemaker on sunday.  i made a batch of spaghetti & a new biscuit crust pizza recipe.  i will use that biscuit recipe for biscuits ONLY!  maybe i will make the pizza again if the girls ask for it but i was really not digging the whole biscuit/pizza thing AT ALL!!!!  i then pulled out my sewing machine & tried it out.  i made one thing, i forgot to get a pic but will post one later, it was a bean bag for the party on friday.  i plan on trying to make one or two more before friday but need to figure out the closing part.

this is what the underside looked like on my test run, i was so frustrated & overwhelmed so i stepped back posted a help on fb & my friend lauren helped me out it was the bobbin.  thanks so much lauren!!!

ta-daaaaa, i fixed the bobbin & this is what it looked like, now just to work on sewing a straight line...

then last night i tried out a new low carb (almost no carb)/gluten free bread recipe.  i have been wanting to try this recipe out for quite a while but i was really intimidated by the recipe.  i'm not a baker, no one but my nana was really a baker but i can decently cook so when it called to whip your egg whites to stiff i was really apprehensive then it said i had to fold the other ingredients into the egg whites!  oh shit!! see why i was timid to trying it out?!?  so i figured i won't know if they are good until i try them out.  i did it!!!  they smelled so good, just like bread & it was totally strange!!!  you see, the only ingredients are cream cheese, eggs & cream of tartar.  it smelled just like REAL bread you buy in the bags.  it was just weird!!!  jason asked if i was making bread & i told him what it was, even he thought it was real bread.  the only problem with the recipe is ME!!!  i don't know what's wrong with me!  i have read the instructions like 20 times, i swear!!!  but did i see the correct amt of cream cheese any of those times? NO?!?!?  i kept seeing 3 pkgs of cream cheese not 3oz!  so i thought to try them out i would use 1 of each ingredient & then i could try them out.  they were really cheesy but weren't bready like i thought they would be.  so i didn't really care for them so i was going to contact the lady that made them & then i saw it, it was only 3oz of cream cheese for the whole recipe.  so that's the problem.  i will be remaking them tonight for lunches the rest of the week.  let me know if you try them out.  just know, it's ONLY 3OZ of cream cheese not 3 full pkgs of cream cheese, i was so thinking, man, that is a lot of cream cheese!  ;)

so without further ado, head over to your lighter side for the oopsie rolls.  i'm dying to try the zucchini & cauliflower pizza crusts, i hear they are very good but again, i'm intimidated!!!  i need to stop it & just make it, right?

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