Friday, October 14, 2011

week in hair & fof

hopp's bday party is today so my fof is not crochet related but decor related.  i'm so into this party this year.  i like bday parties but i don't like worrying about the details.  this is the first time i'm really into it & i blame it on pinterest!!!  :o)  i found so many cute ideas on pinterest!  so here are my party stuffs i made last night...
tissue poms

lollipop tree. yes, that's a ball of yarn that the suckers are in.  much cheaper than stryofoam & eco-friendly!  :o)

monday, so sweet they are holding hands!

tuesday, hopp was in motion when i snapped this.  silly girl!




this was her outfit on wednesday, it looked so cute but the pants were a touch too tight so we will wear them separately next time.  :o)  she looked so cute but the kids asked her why she was wearing pjs.  i don't think it looks like pjs at all.  i think it hurt her little feelings.  :(  she was so excited to wear that shirt!
well, lots of stuff to do before i get off work early so have a great friday & see you soon.  :o) 

even though my fof is not crochet related i'm still posting on tami's amis so head on over & see what everyone has finished today. 


pinkundine said...

Heh, I love that you used yarn for the lollipop tree, very clever and effective :)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The lollipop tree is sure to be a hit!

Kathleen said...

Lucky Hopp, her birthday is going to be so pretty and fun! I love those giant flowers, and the yarn-lollipop tree is awesome. As is the week in hair, as always---I really love the braided mini pony this week.

crystal said...

I didnt even notice that those suckers were in a ball of yarn! very cute.

Sadie would die if she saw Q's shirt. HK and Halloween are both right up her alley!