Monday, October 17, 2011

getting the weekend started off right

it started with hopp's party on friday evening.  we had nachos & played a few games & then we opened presents & ate cake.  it was a great birthday party & everyone had lots of fun.  sorry for lacking in pics, my MIL took all the pics & i don't know if i will ever get them on my end.  :)
everyone in their dino masks ready to race :)
 during the party, jess' friend came & picked her up for the game & this is the pic with both of them in their mum/garter.  gabriel is the same age as jess but i'm guessing he looks so much older because of the 'stache.  he was very sweet, the little bit we actually saw him, & was very polite & met almost everyone in the family, lucky him.  :o)

jess & her friend gabriel
after everyone left we started opening up packaging & pulling out her toys to play with.  i only got picks with two of the gifts & they were from my friend maria.  she loved the baby & the necklace/bracelet/ring set it's so cute & rainbow-y & lots of glitter.

hopp showing off her bling bling from her party

she loves her new baby
then on saturday we went & looked for a dress, long story short, she found a really cute one from ross for under $17!!!  it's blue with a black lace overlay so unless you are standing next to her you really can't tell it's blue.  i don't think they planned the colors together but he matched her & they were a very handsome couple.  :)

ready for the homecoming dance
 on sunday we didn't do much just waited till after nap & went to the laundromat to wash my comforter.  we are going to probably need it this evening so i figured i better go ahead & get it clean so we can use it soon.  we have a washer/dryer but the washer i have isn't king size comforter friendly. 
having a good time at the laundromat
i hope you all had a great weekend!  see you soon...


crystal said...

i'm so glad we got to go to the party. i wish we could have stayed longer, though. i think Hopper's party was the most fun Sadie's had at one in a while. Thanks for the invite!

Jess looks gorgeous in her dress. she looks beautiful every time i see her, though. Jonathan mentioned that her date looked older than she did. I guess I didn't really think about it bc I saw his shirt and since it was an AHS shirt, I didn't think anymore about it. But yeah, I think it's the facial hair. lol

Claudia said...

Looks like everyone had a good time at the party, especially Hopper! ;)

Yes, Gabriel looks older than Jess; but she looks great in that dress--and what a bargain!