Monday, October 3, 2011

this weekend

ugh, i hate this time of year but the end result is really worth it.  i'm talking dittos for kiddos time.  it's washing/ironing/pinning/tagging time.  you can sell any of your good used clothing at their semi-annual clothing consignment.  the worst part is that i wait till the last minute to do all this.  i think i finished it all though.  actually, if i have anything else i'm just going to save it for next time.  :)

ok, now for the weekend update.  we started out going to the park with my friend claudia & her two girls.  they had a blast!  they all play so good together & even jess plays too.  after playing we walked the mile around the park & talked.  i really enjoyed it, i hadn't really talked to her in a long time just one on one & it was really nice.  sorry no pics, was enjoying the company too much.  :)  then we just went home napped & then got up & they played outside for a little longer & then some tv time.  we did squeeze in some hobb lobb time where jess did all the spending, we are making a garter for her homecoming date.

on sunday we didn't do much except for grocery shopping & some crayon making.  i figured i better start on hopp's bday stuff while i was thinking about it because this weekend is going to be super busy.  still not for sure when i'm doing her party but probably next weekend, i have to drop off all the dittos stuff on saturday & not for sure how long that will take, probably more than an hour.  anyways, on to the crayons.  i bought a dino candy mold for crayons & then showed hopp what other molds we had & she wanted every mold we had BUT the dino one so i will be taking that back to hobb lobb.  seriously, this kid cracks me up!  we are doing a dino party for her & she didn't want the dino crayons!  so here are the end results...

masks, rubber duckys, stars, fruits... oh my!

i love the birthday hat & the cake is pretty neat too.  was running out of large quantities of the same color so i mixed them up on the birthday set.

a view of them in the pudding box i'm storing them in.  :o)  my fave all one color crayon is the lime green pineapple.  i also made a yellow/grey ducky, it's super cute too, i thought of my friend crystal when i made it.  :)
 i hope you all had a great weekend like i had. 

thanks again claudia for the park time.  :)


crystal said...

Idk if this will post bc I haven't been able to leave you a comment in idk how long, but...

doesn't dittos take pretty much half of your earnings? all that work just to be ripped off! i hate dittos. grrr.

the crayons are really cute! Sadie would love something like that. sorry we can't make it to the party. i know the girls would have had a good time.

crystal said...

yay, it worked!