Monday, October 24, 2011

weeknd wrap up

this was a busy but fun weekend.  we went to a 'crazy' & i found a candle holder to make a hat display out of & then we went to big lots, i heard they had a big sale going on because they are moving locations, didn't find much but i did find this dragonfly thingy that i thought i would have to cut it off but after messing with it with my friend christine, we found out that it just UNSCREWED!!!  this will be another hat display.  we are going to do a craft show together.  i'm so excited but super nervous because i've never done one before.

 we went home after the visit with christine & her kiddos & took a nap.  this is how a princess naps, propped up & hands behind your head.  :)

while they were napping i started making these jet packs for the fall fest.  so super easy just takes a little time.  i found them on pinterest but mine are easier & cheaper to make than what she made.  :)

 at the fall fest playing games...

 then it was really quiet yesterday & then we had a tooth pulled & excitement because the tooth fairy is coming!!!  she brought q a dollar & a pack of gum.  :)

i also pinned a buttermilk caramel syrup for pancakes & waffles & made that last night for dinner.  o-m-g!!! it was sooooo good, i would highly suggest you make it.  i don't know what i did wrong but the only thing that didn't work was when i added the baking soda it didn't mix completely so next time i may leave it out.  i wonder why the baking soda is even needed.  anyone have any ideas as to why i would need it?  here's the link.  you should make some ASAP!!!  you won't regret it, well maybe just the calorie content.  :)  oh & the 2 little ones loved it so much they scraped their plates to get every bit of the syrup off the plate into their mouths!  jess thought it was so-so but she is totally wrong!  this syrup is the BOMB!!!!  :o)  i hope you all had a great weekend!!!  see you soon....

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Kathleen said...

alksdfjk THOSE JET PACKS. I NEED ONE. You are the coolest mom ever. ;)