Friday, October 21, 2011

tgifof!!! + hair update

this week in hair & fos we have the bobble hat finished & a hacky sac.  i don't have the squares to my blanket done i had some stuff come up that i had to finish first & then i still need to go buy more yarn for the circle/squares.  :)

so here are my fos

it's finished & it's on its way to hotlanta.  :o)
hacky sac i made last night for a friend's son.  they are playing at their high school & he just had to have one so she texted me & bam, it's done!  i'm not for sure if it's the right size, it's a bit flat so i need to head to the mall this weekend to take a look at some real ones to get measurements.  sometimes patterns are just not right & i really want these to be the right size & weight!  i like them, i might make some for a craft show i may do in december.  they are quick but stuffing them is a bitch!  any hints on how to do it better.  all my lentils tried to escape on the last round...  oh & i was a tiny bit grossed out because lentils kinda look like ticks to me.  ewwwwww

then in hair this week....
monday, i needed to clean my lens that's why it's fuzzy but its kinda pretty :o)

tuesday, hopp was mad so she refused to sit & pose

wednesday, "big girl, little coat" hehehehehehehe!!!!! hopp has outgrown this little jacket so we need to find a good home for it somewhere else.  crystal does sadie need a little jacket?  it has a detachable hood.

thursday, i love this little headband, it reminds me of 80s punk.  :)  they are loving this cooler weather, all the long sleeve shirts are going to good use & they both were over the moon to get to wear what they have on!  :o)

friday, sans hopp because she was throwing up from 1:30-3:30 this am :(  she is fine this morning though & she gets to have fun with daddy at home today.  she was not happy that i was leaving though!  today is may farm day, it's a local petting zoo.  lots of my friends don't like it but i love it & q was super stoked about it this am. 

so, i'm about to head out to the may farm.  i will post pics soon of all the cute animals.  :o)

head on over to tami's amis & check out all the lovely fos.

on a side note, does anyone know how to load an audio file from my phone onto blogger?


Chrisknits said...

So cute! I try to avoid things I have to stuff!! Except my face at dinner. LOL.

Claudia said...

Sorry Hopp is under the weather, but I'm glad that Q (and you) are getting to go to May Farm!

Cute hair; good lookin' hat ... too bad I don't look good in hats. :/

Have FoF!

stephanni :] said...

omg i actually laughed at the stuffing your face comment!! :D

i don't look good in hats either! :(

Kathleen said...

I love that hat, oh my gosh. I have a weird adoration for bobbles, and yours look so, so good, all even and gorgeous!

I just made some cat-shaped juggling balls, and stuffing stuff with beans is kind of problematic! I usually use a combo of beans (just on the bottom) and stuffing in my amigurumi, so doing the juggling-cats in just beans was new to me---it's harder to get them packed in there right without the stuffing!