Friday, October 7, 2011

week in hair & an fof

first up fof...
i have 11 red, 8 yellow, 2 orange & 6 blue all the way done to where they are suppose to be.  if i hadn't run out of these colors they would be all the way done.  so that means i need to make several trips to hobb lobb to use that 40% off coupon.  :)  i should have 11 total in each color to this round.  i just started working on the dark set at round 3.  i'm not too excited about the dark set but i need to finish what i started.  :)

just a little different view

head on over to & check out all the fofs today.  :o)

now for the hair
monday, q had mini ponies & hopp headband.  notice that hopp never looks at me!  wth!  she is so stinkin' cute so i don't mind too much.  ;)

tuesday, q had a headband & had a mini pony with a bow, not that you can see it...

wednesday, q had a headband with a double knot pony, hopp a headband.  love that pouty face!!!  so sweet q is trying to get her to smile.  she was upset because i asked her to smile & look at me one too many times.

thursday, not the best pic but the best of the two i had.  hop had a mini pony & q a headband

friday, mini ponies for q.  love that smile!  we have a loose tooth again! 

BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!!  today she is 3!!!  she is sporting the double mini ponies. 

i can't believe my BABY is 3 today!  they grow so fast, so hug your babies extra tight because they won't be babies for long!!!!  i can't wait to have her dino party next friday.  it's going to be so much fun!


Amy said...

Those sure are a lot of granny squares! They look great :) And happy birthday to your munchkin :)

Marushka C. said...

Your girls are adorable!! I hope the little one's birthday is just lots and lots of fun for all of you.

The crochet squares are beautiful -- that is a terrific color combination.

erin said...

the squares are going wonderfully =) as always, your girls are so cute!

Kathleen said...

Aww, happy third birthday to your (adorable!) littlest. I hope it's a wonderful day for all of you. :)

Loving your squares, too, the red-bordered ones are especially amazing.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Love love love the bright squares! Have fun at the b-day!

stephanni :] said...

thank you ladies for all your nice comments! as soon as everything starts calming down I will be posting more often again. :o)