Tuesday, September 20, 2011


i've been meaning to do a post about movies i've seen lately.  let's see if i can remember what i've been watching.

first is a movie called Flipped, it's a story about a girl & boy and how their relationship changes over time.  i don't think this went to theaters but it was a really cute little movie.  if you can catch it on one of the movies channels, check it out.  it's definitely worth the hour and a half or so.  :)

we saw Your Highness this weekend.  it's pretty raunchy (what do you expect, danny mcbride is in it!) but it was funny too.  but to me that's a win-win.  :o)  definitely NOT a movie to watch with kids or teens!  if you like comedies & you don't mind all the raunchiness you should watch it.  now saying, this i wouldn't spend pay-per-view money on it but redbox or netflix or even wait to get it on the movie channels is worth it.

we dvr'd It's Kind Of A Funny Story and it was ok, it was a little depressing but the end was worth it.  it's about a teen boy that is extremely depressed & thinks about killing himself constantly & admits himself into a hospital ward.  it's got some pretty funny parts in it but can seem a bit heavy at times.  anyway, the teen finds himself & finds love too.  it's worth the watch if you have the time.

ok, that's all for now.  if i remember any other movies i will save for next time.  :)  have a great tuesday!

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