Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a special happy birthday today!!!

apparently i'm old enough to have a 17yr old!!!  YIKES!!!  :) 

today jess turns 17 officially at 2:45p.  :o)  i can't believe that 17yrs ago i was waiting on my dr to break my water.  i was exactly, one week from my due date & she was literally about to fall out!  i was a 6-7cm & 80% effaced! after he broke my water i was in labor (with only a "cocktail", so pretty much all natural) for only 2hours & 30minutes!!!! i told him the baby was coming, didn't know if she was a boy or girl, i wanted a surprise, he didn't believe me, i yelled the baby is coming & he looked down & had to put down my numbing meds & couldn't even give me an episiotomy!  it was all worth it though & i wouldn't change it for anything!!! :o)

anywho, she is a bright, beautiful, good young lady, and i can't wait to see what's in store for her in the future.  pretty soon she will be leaving home for college **sniff sniff**, the choice happens to be Sam Houston at the time.  i'm trying to persuade her to get interested in Angelo State so she's not too far away but far away enough to live her life.  she helps me in so many ways & i hope to surprise her with some privacy in the evenings as part of her bday present.  (right now the girls all sleep in the same room because we use the 3rd bedroom as an office for jason since he works from home.  i'm going to leave the girls stuff in the bedroom with jess but put the little girl's bed in the office so that jess can read & talk on her phone in the evenings without having to wake up the little ones.  she has been doing all of that at the kitchen table which can't be too comfortable.)  she will be so excited! 

happy birthday baby girl!!!  i love you so much!!!
first day of her junior year 8.22.11


Claudia said...

Hope it's a great day for Jess!

Kathleen said...

I hope she has a wonderful birthday! And your idea of giving her some privacy from her sisters as a present? Is amazing. Seriously. I think she's really going to appreciate that. :D A lot of the time the best birthday presents are the intangible ones.