Friday, September 23, 2011

the week in hair & a special visitor

here's the week in hair...
monday, i loved this, it almost looks twisted

tuesday, this week was a leave-the-house-early type of week so this is why her hair is sopping wet.  love that smile though

wednesday, ugh, the dreaded missing tooth weird smile...  daddy did hair this day.  it's so funny because he parts way in the back & i'm a part closer to the front kinda girl.  plus i think my parts are better.  ;)

thursday, just a plain ole "dog ears" day

friday, she was excited about a braid today!  i love braiding, just need to get better at french braiding.

on tuesday we came home & jess said "hey mom, look!", it was a praying mantis by our front door!  they are so neat!  he was gone the next day.  :(  so here is our little surprise visitor.
he wasn't very big but it made a huge impression on q & hopp.  they were all giddy with excitement!
sadly, i have no fof to post today...  i mean i have stuff to post but i have no pics.  i will post soon, i have been working on the fundraiser stuff for the bunco for breast cancer event.  :)

have a great weekend everyone!


Kathleen said...

Your week-in-hair posts make me so happy! Your girls are lucky to have you, seriously. :) You're right that the braided pony almost looks twisted, it's awesome!

And what a cool mantis visitor, too. :D I love those guys, and I'm glad your girls do, too.

stephanni :] said...

thanks kathleen! i was reading your post about dyeing your hair with kool-aid, i never did that either but sounds like fun! :) i would totally do your hair if we lived closer!