Wednesday, September 7, 2011


so i've been slacking on the posting since the weekend.  lots to show you so here are the pics:

first up, my wips for today...
dishcloth #2 of 4 for a friend.  i love the colors & it's ribbed for your cleaning pleasure.  ;P  then (CAL) i have 6 yellow circles of 11 that need to be made & then i have 11 more & then i'm done with last weeks goal & i can finally start this weeks.  this afghan is taking forever!

that's all for my wips

then on sunday we went to the park & hung out for a while, this is what happened...

we started out on the swings, hopp chillin'

then off to the playground area, q climbing up to go slide

hopp is checking out the big kids & standing on the logs.  on a gross factor i think that is smeared blood on the sidewalk.  there was blood splatter & then someone had stepped all in it.  it was really gross!!!

i can't keep this kid out of the dirt!  if you gave her dirt for xmas she would have a heart attack from delight!!!  i'm not joking people!  oh & another gross factor, that is a coffee lid someone left on the playground!!!   ga-rosssssssss

sister love, on the way to the prairie dog area

i seriously love this pic, it's rare that hopp will let q hold her hand.  she is an independent woman let me tell ya!

prairie dog, ground squirrel whatever you call them i love going to see them while we are at the park. they are so cute when they run around & they have seriously fattened up since the last time we saw them.  they have the cutest little bark they do.  :)

see, in the dirt again!

hopp had to get in on the dirt action too

jess & q huggin' it up, see hopp wants NO part of it!!!

ok, wait maybe she will get some love in but there is NO WAY she will even look at the camera!  deny, deny, deny!!  :o)

head on over to tami's amis & check out all the other wips.  happy wipw!

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