Thursday, September 1, 2011

we watched a brand new show :)

we have been seeing the previews to Ridiculousness for quite some time & if you are a fan of Rob & Big you know rob dyrdek, if you don't know rob he is a pro-skateboarder turned reality show funny man, he is also part owner/creator of the dc clothing/shoe line.  he is HILARIOUS!!!  i would love to spend just one day to hang out with him.  he keeps me in stitches, his personality is great!  let me just say before you see the trailer, i'm not a huge fan of watching people do stupid stuff so they can eventually get hurt & i'm not a huge-huge fan of when they actually hurt themselves but rob does his thang & makes this shit super funny!!!  so watch the clip & set your dvr to catch this super funny show!

oh, i forgot to say that i have not laughed this hard in a while, seriously i was in tears i was laughing so hard!  it just started on monday so it is showing throughout the week on mtv & then the new shows will air on monday evenings.  go ahead, i dare you NOT to laugh!!!


crystal said...

i loved rob and big. do work! ha they were a riot. this show looks pretty funny, too.

crystal said...
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