Friday, September 16, 2011

the week in hair

this has been a pretty good week in hair, but challenging time-wise.  since i've been working at my current job they had my schedule as mon-fri 8:30-5:30.  i loved the 8:30 hours because it gave me a little more time to be at work on time, i'm terrible about getting places on time.  i didn't really care for the 5:30 part because 30minutes makes a big difference in the evening when doing dinner, kid pickups & bed routines.  i never realized how big of a difference until this job.  well i'm now working 8-5 & i really like that 5 clock-out time, the 8 part is a bit of a challenge but jason has been such a HUGE help this week.  thanks honey!  mtl you!!!  :o)  i digress... so here's the pics

monday, she actually asked for this, i was shocked, she hates her hair like this.  should have just added a bow.

tuesday, i will never take a pic in the master bath again, it almost looks like a mugshot.  ugh, i so need to update my bathroom, the tile is so ugly & my bathroom counter is covered with this same tile. 

wednesday, the twist on top looked a bit weird & had high "peaks", the bow helped counter out the weirdness, loved that she let me braid the mini pony.  :)

thursday, my first full attempt at the fishtail or fishbone "braid", it turned out really good but it made her pony stick out a little to the side.  apparently during nap she really fudged it up so the teacher had to re-braid it.

friday, she wanted a regular pony, she wanted her hair like mine today but i told her we had to do a headband too.  her hair is wild, wild, wild after school if i don't have something to hold the front down.  yay for curly hair!  :)
so this is the week in hair for 9/12/11, i hope all of you had great hair days this week.  :)  have a great weekend.  oh & btw, a crochet hook is absolutely the most fabulous tool for making the twisted pony aka topsy turvy!  except for today, i have used my h hook for the mini twists, a larger hook would be better for a full pony.  see if you can't crochet you can at least have fab hair!  :)

oh i almost forgot one more thing.  i simply love the shirt q is wearing today!  it reminds me of old school run dmc, now if only she will stop the fake smile.  ;)

who can't resist putting a gold chain tee & a tutu together, not to mention the bright orange socks!!!  damn my kid has a great sense of fashion!!!!


Claudia said...

Like the hair; dig the DJ Mac shirt! :)

stephanni :] said...

i love this shirt so much. it reminds me of the days in high school when i fell in love with rap & r&b music. :) it's a hand me down from my sister & she also sent me a red velour juicy track suit that i usually pair the shirt with. talk about being retro fab! :oD