Monday, September 12, 2011

this weekend

didn't do much of anything this weekend, which if you have been reading this blog, it's how i like it.  :)  we had a bday party for one of q's classmates at the zoo.  it was in the learning center & all the kids got to touch different animals & it was really neat!  we then went to the fort imagination park next to the zoo after it was over, it was just me, q & hopp, i think some of the partiers went on to the zoo.  i love this playground & if it wasn't so far away from our house i would take them more often.  we did have a minor mishap though.  q was jumping off a little platform to go swing & she didn't realize there was a big silver bar right in her way & hit it really hard on her forehead.  :(  poor baby, i was about to go see what she was doing & then i heard her screaming.  not the i hurt myself scream, it was the 'I REALLY HURT MYSELF' scream.  the one you know is not a cry for attention/drama queen scream.  :)  after i got her calmed down i convinced her to leave & head to nana's house.  it really needed ice because her forehead was starting to bruise & swell just a bit.  :(  she is ok, no major head trauma or er visit was needed but it's still really sensitive to the touch.  we had another party for sunday but the girls were not back from spending the night & going to church with nana so we didn't get to make it.

so here are the pics from the park & one from this am with the sad little bruise on q's head...

i forgot about this one & the next one.  in the goodie bag, they both got some zoo stuff & then these little masks, she is holding a plastic snake that moves crazy when you hold the tail. 

i love this little mask!  i may have hopp dress up as a raccoon for halloween

i love these shots, even if hopp isn't looking at the camera.  ;)

this is such a cool swing, i would love to have an adult-sized one in the backyard.  q was pushing this time.  i had to tell her to be careful because it didn't have a seat belt on the chair.  q thought she was such a big girl getting to push.

hopp on the horsey.

girls on the tire swing, this was right after the forehead incident.

can you see the bruise on the left side? (your left)  it's right above her eyebrow  :o)
 i hope everyone had a great weekend!  :)

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