Friday, September 9, 2011

tgifof!!! crochet-along :o)
it's friday, you know what that means, it's show-n-tell time!!!  yay!!!  i've been working so hard to catch up with the CAL.  i'm only a week behind.  omg, making 88 round 2 circles is NO JOKE!!! 

so here is what i should have had done last friday.  now i have to catch up to week 2's goal & also get week 3 going.  it's a bit overwhelming but i know i can do it!!!  :)

now my coloring is better but i think it's because i have the two different shades by each other.  i really, really, really like the bright colors but once i pulled out the darker ones i really like them as well.  what's your favorite color set?
  i finally put up my curtains i bought probably a year ago & i thought i could probably use the bags for something & then it dawned on me i could use them for the bright circles.  it works perfect & right now, i could probably use the zipper bag for all 88 circles.  btw, i highly suggest you buying room darkening curtains!  they are totally awesome & really work.  i actually bought a set for one of my windows to try them out & i couldn't believe the difference!  but.... the one problem was i got 2 different sized panels!!!  i'm always doing this, it really pisses me off!!!!  the only good reason for doing that is i had an excuse to buy another set to match the other sizes.  :)  always look for the bright side ladies & gents (if there are any gents out there).  the only bad thing about them now is they have different designs on them.  it's ok though, not many people get the pleasure of checking out my room & my room is dark so you can't really tell anyways.  :)  ok, so back to the subject here are my circle savers.
circles with my storage solutions
man, this is a really big project but i think i'm really going to enjoy the end product!  that's all that matters right?  the man has decided that this is his blanket & that he will share with me.  :)  he keeps asking if i'm going to have it finished in time for winter.  uh yes... we do live in west texas where it's colder later in the winter. :)

i hope everyone is having a fabulous friday & enjoys their weekend!


Sam Findlay said...

These look great, so cheerful! Good luck catching up, I'm sure you'll manage!

Tami Klockau said...

I agree with Sam, they all look so happy! I have total faith that you'll catch up!

Hazel said... many circles no wonder your having to catch up, but I am sure you will....

And yes i room darkening curtains are pretty good :)

Claudia said...

Insane little circles. I thought about the wipe container the other night and then blanked! :/

I promise you the ones I bought last summer *totally* saved us a bundle this year on AC when it was a hundred million degrees outside.

stephanni :] said...

thanks ladies! i love the encouragement! :)

it's ok claudia, if you remember them it's fine. i still love ya! :o)