Friday, September 30, 2011

the week in hair

so sorry guys, i feel like i have dropped off the earth!  i have been super busy at work but i didn't want to not post the week in hair.  :o)  hope everyone has had a great week & has an even better weekend. 

monday, q looked so cute, she went through her princess dress-up box & pulled out these clear beads.  she is so girly!  i love it!  :o)

tuesday, same hair for q, it's been that kind of week!  but i thought i would show you what we have been doing with hopp's hair this week.  i introduced her to the headband & she is in love!  it looks so cute on her & when her hair is dried it poofs up in the back!  i love it so much & she looks like a little doll!  :)

wednesday, i really loved how cute the stairs looked in hopp's pic on tues. so i decided to start posing them on the stairs.  getting them to look at me AT THE SAME TIME is such a pain, as you will see in this one & the next photo.  :)  but this is a winner because hopp is looking at the camera! 

thursday, not for sure what q is doing or saying & hopp has those squinted eyes & big smile!

friday, 3rd times a charm!  well, q is kinda looking at me.  :)
i haven't mentioned this yet but hopp will be 3 next friday!!!  we got the oriental trading party mag in the mail a month ago & we had her look at it for her fave party.  well she chose..... DINOSAURS!!!!  omg, really?!?  so i was on the hunt for girly dinosaur stuff & i found a little bit on amazon.  holy crap the 3 items i got were expensive!  stupid shipping!  but anyways, i got some dino rubber duckys, dino cupcake rings & super cute dino foam masks.  i can't wait to have her party.  still not for sure on a date yet due to the hubby has non-weekends off, he is asking about taking this next sat or sun off so we can have the party, so we will see.  i already made her invite, can't wait to show it, that will be a later post.  any suggestions on what party games we could do that is dino related?  i'm thinking of a dino egg hunt...

oh & i almost forgot, along with the dino stuff on amazon that i found, i found the cutest office supply EVER!!!!
you're jealous right?!?
it's a black stiletto tape dispenser!!!  i love it sooooo much & i have several VERY jealous co-workers.  :)  i even thought about adding glitter but that will be later on down the road.

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Claudia said...

OMG! If you put glitter on it, Maria will snag it for sure.

And I'd be careful, Cristal might actually try and wear that thing; it so looks like one of her shoes. ;)

Have a good weekend!