Friday, September 9, 2011

the week in 'dos & some homework stuffs for q

i thought i would start a post on what q has been doing as "homework" for kindergarten.  i will probably do them with the hair do pics.  so here we go...

up first, the 'dos, we don't have a pic for monday due to the holiday.

tuesday they had alike 'dos but hopp had bows in her hair.  i'm so in love with her expression!

wednesday was a headband day by request not because of time :)

thursday, i was disappointed in my braid but i'm still working on it

when i practiced last night on the side twists they looked better & then i didn't have too much time for hopp's hair so i just clipped the long front curlies to the side & it looked so cute on her.  now if only i can keep them from instantly touching their hair after i finish.  ;)
 now on to some homework for the week.  i think there will probably only be one thing during the week but this was the project of about myself that we had to do over the weekend & then we had the letter A for homework today.
all about q, i was shocked to find out that she wanted to be a baker.  she has never had interest in baking but for some reason this was what she wanted to be when she grows up this time.  her fave food is spaghetti (gluten free of course) & cocoa pebbles.  her friends are alexis & angelina & her fave color is purple.  :)

A is for Angel  :)
i will have a fof post later just got to get my pics together.  happy friday everyone!

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Claudia said...

Looks like a good week all around!