Wednesday, September 21, 2011

quick wipw & fundraiser

sorry, so short today, we are having lots of presentations this week & i'm swamped with work....  if you read my previous post i told you that i was going to do a fundraiser for the bunco party i'm participating in next month.  i just wanted to say that 75% of ALL sales will go towards this event.  it's called bunco for breast cancer & all the proceeds go toward mammograms for women that can't afford them.  this is a great program & has saved many women's lives that normally wouldn't have gotten one due to them not being able to afford one.  breast cancer runs in our family so this is something that is probably going to affect me or my children or grandchildren, i'm hoping for the best but i have to be realistic about it.  so anyway not to get all dark on you.  so here is my wip for the day but i got 3 scrubbies done & will share as soon as i get a pic. 

this is my first dishrag, it's made with Lily cotton yarn in Hot Pink & Love. 

if you would like to order one or anything from the previous post just let me know.  i can do the pinks for the breast cancer awareness or if you prefer different colors i will do that.  i know a lot of you can crochet or knit your own stuff but if you know of someone that would like to buy one to support this great cause pass it on!  i would love to make lots of money for this event.  the only reason why i'm not giving 100% of the sales is so that i can purchase more yarn.  right now, unfortunately, yarn is not in our budget.  or if you would like to donate Lilly yarn i will be more than willing to take it off your hands.  :)  if you have questions please feel free to contact me at
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