Friday, September 2, 2011

tgifof!!! crochet-along + hair update + some super cuteness :o)
well, i'm going to cheat just a tad, i don't technically have an fof because it's a wip right now but i have actually finished some of the goal for today.  i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by this because there are so many circles that have to be done but i know once i get the rd1/rd2 goal over with it will be much easier on the next set of rounds & will go faster.  :)  so i have quite a few different pics of them to show you & then something super cute & a hair update so here we go!

first up, crochet along update, it's not too late to join inner hooker's crochet-along.  :)
here they are, i have a little over ¼ done, orange is not the right color but everything else is looking pretty much like the colors i'm using.

they look like cookies.  :)

stored in a wipe container so i don't lose any in the couch, boy, that would really piss me off!!  ;)  11 yellow/red, 11 red/orange, 2 blue/yellow & just 4 yellow centers for the blue/yellow ones.  this is my dark set.  i still have to do the bright set, hopefully by sunday i will have those done. 

next, friday hair update.  hopp has had the same 'do since tuesday just one mini pony on top but today i switched it up & put it to the side.  this is her normal 'do so no pics taken.  :)  i think my fave this week is wednesday's 'do on q.  she is sooooo cute & great to photograph.  just like last week i got my inspiration from hairstyles by mommy, check her out, lots of cute hair for you or your kiddos.  oh & she just posted how to make your hair curly without heat, curlers or wet hair to bed.  i will be trying this out soon!






now for the cute report.  i have been smitten by q's freckles.  you can't really see them in the pics because they are so light but in person they are more noticeable.  i love them so much & i actually have freckles but they are more on my chest & shoulders.  just something about a little freckle-faced kiddo is so cute & sweet.  so i finally got a good up-close pic of them.  :o)

awwww freckles, now only if she didn't have a look of pain on her face.  ;)
oh & hopp & q both sleep together & i noticed hopp had some scratches on her back on & on her leg this am & if you look at q's face from this morning's pic she has a scratch on her eye lid, i'm thinking they had a cat fight in the middle of the night.  =)


Claudia said...

Cute hair ... I should bring my kiddos over and you can do their hair, too!

I have extra wipe boxes if you need them for your "rounds."

Have a good weekend!

stephanni :] said...

i was going to tell you that if you want i can do theirs for you & show you how if you want. :)

i would love the extra wipee boxes.

we need to get together this weekend, love ya!

CrochetBlogger said...

The work totally does look like cookies in that picture. Yum!

erin said...

I love all the little crochet circles - they definitely look like cookies! your daughter is adorable =)

stephanni :] said...

thanks guys! now i want some cookies. :)

thanks erin! she is a mess & so funny too. i love the innocence at this age. :o)

Nicky said...

Can't wait to see the end result of the "cookie" circles.

Love the hair model. She and her hair are beautiful!!!

Kathleen said...

You are an A+ hairstyle-creator, OMG. I'm still so impressed by the prettiness! I really love the criss-cross applesauce 'do, I wish I didn't have this frizzy-curly hair so I could try it on myself. ;)

I love your circles, too---they do look all cookie-delicious, and storing them in in a wipes container to not drop them in the couch? So smart. I need to get something to store my crocheted bits in. I'm always dropping owl wings...

stephanni :] said...

oops, i missed the last two comments!

thanks nicky she is a ham when it comes to pics & she likes pretty hair so she stays 'pretty' still for me. :)

kathleen, q has super frizzy hair if i don't mousse it or put lots of frizzy hair product stuff in there. i just started using garnier's product but i don't like it much. i really like the infusium stuff though. it keeps hair soft & not hard like mousse does.

oh & i just started using the packaging that came with my curtains to keep my circles in because i filled up my wipe container. it's got a little zipper on the packaging so they don't fall out. i will show you tomorrow. :)

thanks everyone for your super sweet comments about my semi-hair talent & how cute q is. i hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! :o)