Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wip wednesday
it's that time of the week again!  it's time to show off my stuff that's not finished.  :)  i showed you my work station from this weekend & i still haven't finished any of that stuff but i have been getting some progress done on the circles.  i'm far from being even half way to the goal for friday, actually i'm not even ¼ of the way done.  :(  i know that i can almost catch up this weekend ::fingers crossed::

so without further ado, here is where i'm at on the crochet-along with inner hooker.  if you are interested, you can still join in & be behind just like me.  :)  i put a badge on the left to hook you up to it.

only 18 deep...  if you need me i'll be sulking in the corner! ;)  oh again coloring is off.  these is my dark set.  they are deep red/burnt orange & mustard yellow/deep red

 q has been working on her only little wip, she still has that wiggly tooth!  i took a pic this am so show you how cute it is. 

see it sticking out?  it's the bottom front-left one  :)
so i totally forgot to tell you about a total steal i got on saturday evening.  i remembered i had a kohls $10 off card.  i love kohls but i rarely go but i ALWAYS go when i have the $10 card!  i wasn't really feeling anything in the girls section, was looking for the little girls, & i even looked in the toy section for a possible birthday or christmas present but i still didn't find anything i was REALLY interested in.  so then i looked at the home decor stuff, still nothing really caught my eye.  so then i headed over to the purse section.  i saw the clearance section, i'm a cheap ass!, low & behold there it was....  the cutest pink nine & co purse!  oh i had to have it!!!

see how cute it is!!!!

so then i looked at the tag, holy cow, it's only $12.60!!!!  i snatched it up really quick like & then i headed over to the jewelry section to see if they had any other clearance stuff i couldn't live without.  nope, nothing i just have to have.  so i headed over to the cashier & then paid & left the store with my super cute $2.80 purse!!!!  can't beat a great steal!!!

see that?!?  it was originally $42.00!!!  i got it for almost $40 off!!!  what's that... about 95% off?  :)  oh happy day!!!

ok, well got to get busy, have a great wip wednesday!  check out tami's amis for more wip stuff.  :)


Claudia said...

You're more of a silly goof than I could've imagined ... a pink purse! ;)

Circles, circles, and more circles ... you're right, the colors don't match your description.

Pull that tooth, Q! (PS Have you discussed with the tooth fairy what to bring?)

And did you edit/add to your last blog? I don't remember pictures of your nails the first time I read it.

stephanni :] said...

they had another one just like it if you want to go get you one. and if you didn't want to be exactly like me they had one same color but the design was bigger on the diamonds or whatever they are & it was a bit cheaper. come on claudia, you know you want some pink in your life. ;)

no but it will be a dollar maybe 2 i'm thinking

i think the nails were in the original post. they are glittery, you will love them!!! love & miss you! xoxoxoxoxox

pinkundine said...

excellent bargain there!

The crochet circles look cute (also, have you seen gingerbread girl's 1 a day group on rav?)

stephanni :] said...

@pinkundine, i haven't i will check it out. i have her on my dashboard but i've been so busy i haven't been able to check anyones blogs lately. :( i will try to get to it later

crystal said...

SCORE!! i know you blogged about other things, but the purse is what i remembered. lol i LOVE finding bargains like that. i never get the kohl's coupons, only penney's. hmm. anyway, nice job!!

Chrisknits said...

I love those kind of deals!!!

stephanni :] said...

glad i posted it last, nobody would have paid attention to the rest of the post! ;P

@crystal, you should go to kohl's website & sign up or contact them & tell them you are furiated you didn't get in on the promo deal! i get them about once every 3mths or maybe it's every 6mths. maybe jonathan threw it away because he didn't want you to spend any money. ;) i love the $10 card because you can spend only $10 & get it free!!! most places make you buy at least a certain $$ amount but not kohls. i usually take jess to get her fancy dresses there. they ALWAYS have great deals on their clothes too.

Kathleen said...

Those circles are so pretty, they look all candy-delicious! :D And yay for super-sale bags, especially ones that cute, I really like the cool geometric print.

stephanni :] said...

@kathleen, since you said candy-delicious, i looked at the pic again & it made me smile. i never thought of them like that. maybe it will help me "wip" through them faster! :) the yellow ones remind me of those cookies with the raspberry filling. :o)

Christina said...

That purse is cute! And such an amazing deal too! Color me jealous :)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Mmm I love the crocheted circles. The picture makes me think of thumbprint cookies and it's making me HUNGRY!