Tuesday, August 2, 2011

pt 2 of oh-no-you-didn't from this weekend

while at lunch i took a pic of what i see from my porch.  now mind you, my fence is 6ft tall but my porch is easily 2-3' off the ground so i can clearly see over my fence without standing tippy-toed.  also remember that he has no fence to the left of the picture which is the alley so anyone that is walking by in the alley could have peeped his junk!

please no swimming nekid!!!

see why i'm just so SHOCKED?!?!?


Claudia said...

It's his backyard; he's free to do what he wants.

Don't be lookin', girl!

crystal said...

disagree. he should be mindful and respectful of his neighbors. Steph has a teenage daughter... and 2 little ones at that! swimming naked without a whole fence is the same as blaring loud music without a sound proof house.