Wednesday, August 10, 2011

no wipw today...

i have been lacking on the crochet front lately, i have been having allergy crap the last couple of days, i was out half the day on monday at work and then on monday night hopp decided to run 102.8 fever, still not for sure what's going on with her.  took her to the dr yesterday and she tested negative for strep. she said there were several kids testing positive for mono so we went and had her blood drawn. i was very apprehensive about it but she was such a big girl she got in the chair with me and when it was time to draw the blood she whimpered and then when they stuck her she cried for just a second and then she was fine.  she watched the whole process in silence and curiosity.  i was so proud of her so after we were done we went to the store and got ice cream and popsicles and she was happy.  :) 

we then ate lunch and laid down for a nice long nap!  i still was feeling uneasy in my ears so i headed over the the clinic to get it checked out after jason got off work.  i just had fluid in my ears and no infection so she told me to start taking allergy meds once daily, clairitan, allegra or zyrtec, it was my choice so i headed to wally world & picked up some generic zyrtec.  headed home, made dinner (baked potatoes with bbq brisket YUMMY!!!) and after everyone ate i made good on the ice cream promise to hopp then watched some boob tube with my man. 

we are both doing better today, steroid shots are always the way to go! 


Claudia said...

I've got some OTC allegra if you want to try that. I bought it and it caused me to have the "jitters" or something at night. I was like half in consciousness and half out all night long and didn't really feel like I slept, but wasn't necessarily tired in the morning. I know, not a ringing endorsement, but maybe it'll work for you if you want to try it. I tried Zyrtec, too, and that didn't work. The only thing that has worked for me has been good ol' Benadryl.

Because last year I had so many sinus things the doctor told me to pay attention to how many days I actually had allergy symptoms (sneezy, watery eyes, etc.), and even though I said I didn't suffer from "allergies" that if I actually kept track of it, I would notice that I did.

Glad everyone's feeling better; I hope Hopper doesn't have mono because she'll be dealing with that for a long time and it really just wears her out.

And yes, you do have a WIPW! Do the skeins of yarn I bought for you to make stuff for the girls count?

stephanni :] said...

ok, i can try that. thanks for offering. :) i will try anything if it works. i used to be able to take benedryl during the day & it never made me tired until about a year ago so i have to save it on my off days.

i hope so too, i'm about to call & find out if they got results yet.

i think a wipw is when you actually start the project not something you are about to work on. i do have one wipw but it's not of the fiber kind. i almost have q's desk done. will have it done at lunch. :)