Friday, August 26, 2011

hair days

so i posted earlier this week about doing the girls hair daily & making sure they look cute & sweet (not that they don't already but people treat people differently on how they look.  it's sad but true!  my cuties may be cute but damn they are super cute with their "hurr did")  :P  so here is a look back in the week of hair.  check out hairstyles by mommy for other super cute hair dos!  she is my biggest inspiration & i stole 8/23, 8/25 & 8/26.  she has the triple double (which she calls something else) but i have been doing this for years when jess was little so that is an oldie but a goodie.  :)

8/22 headband day aka day before i vowed to do super cute hair, there will be more of these, i'm sure she will get bored of me pulling on her hair on occasion.  :)

8/23 ponytail veil, i think this is one of my faves.  so pretty!!!

8/24 introducing the 'triple double' & 'everywhere' ponies, don't pay attention to the parts, i'm getting better ;)

8/24 (evening) this was an impromptu 'do, another fave.  i just love how cute this is on her.  despite the sassy pose, she HATES HATES HATES her hair being "bended", that's what she calls it.  :o)  hopp had the same 'do as the day before but i put an extra pony at the bottom gathering all the hair at the bottom  there were a total of 5 ponies on her head.

8/25 still kicking myself for not getting a fresh morning pic!!!!  :(  this was after her shower.  i can't wash her hair too often because she gets really dry scalp, this is my sensitive skin child, i'm thinking that celiac's is the main reason.  it was still really cute.  this was a take on the side knots but her hair wouldn't lay flat, maybe because i didn't do the actual knots so i just connected them.  she said that it looked like a snake, hence the name side snake.  :o)

8/26 the double knotted pony & i tried the triple double on hopp, yay her hair is long enough!  hopp looks like she is doing the 'popeye'.  i swear i can never get her to look me straight in the camera & smile, she is actually saying 'cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese'  :)

i plan on doing a friday roundup of all the cute 'dos on the girls throughout the week.  this has been a great first week at school for q!  she has the cutest new little friend named alexis that sits at her table.  they are so cute together!  :o)  hope everyone else is having a good time back at school.


crystal said...

so cute. my girls' hair is so fine that i'll probably never be able to do things like that.

Claudia said...

Yeah, I think J's is too thick and long and K's is too thin ... besides, I know they wouldn't sit still for this!

But you're doing great, Steph!

stephanni :] said...

crystal you can totally do it you just need hairspray & lots of ponies. hopp's hair is pretty fine right now & it's curly so there's a challenge in itself! :)

claudia, i never thought hopp would be still but dora does magic while doing hair. :) these styles are perfect & not hard at all to pull off, the hardest part is just getting a straight part.

~Claire~ said...

Oh, this is such a great idea! I can barely get my daughter to let me brush her hair, let alone "do" it, but with the incentive of having a pic taken every day, I think it might actually work- I really love doing her hair, and you are right that people do not look at someone the same if they have a head full of tangles vs a nice do.

On a side note, washing hair is horrible bad for anyone. My daughter gets shampoo in her hair maybe once a week, and her hair is shiny and gorgeous. I hear baking soda works really well, but have yet to try it...

stephanni :] said...

i hope it works for you claire. i wish i was one of the people that didn't have to wash my hair at least every other day. if i don't i look like trash, it's so oily, yuck!! :(

i hope you didn't think i was ignoring you, just got your comment & i haven't been able to post in a couple of days. :)