Saturday, August 20, 2011

zoo trip

today we went to the zoo, i wanted to do something fun with the girls before they start school on monday.  i still can't believe i'm going to have a jr in high school & a kindergartner!  :)  i have lots of pics so i'm just going to let the pics talk...
hopp, q & jess

i think these are a type of koi, i always love going & feeding them.  there are sooooooo many of them!

hopp & jess

hopp feeding the giraffe, this is the biggest attraction at the zoo

q feeding the giraffes, see her badass tat on her arm?  :)  she was so proud of it!

q 'rolling' down a little hill

the first pout session

i didn't know raccoons could do this, he didn't even look as if he was holding on

super cute burrowing owl, he had a little worm in his mouth

this is a roadrunner or what hopp calls a 'beep beep' because of looney toons.  :)  i wish i took a pic of him before he stood up & scared the shit out of jess.  he was laying flat, wings out & his neck in a weird position.  we thought he was dead but he popped up & scared her.  even i thought he was dead!

this was the big owl, i love owls they are so beautiful!

this is a rattlesnake & native to our area, it was strange, almost all the snakes were super active.  what was strange is no matter how many people touched the glass he would just follow your hand & never was alarmed, never once did i see him rattle his tail.  they must be really use to people.

pretty green snake, he was all over the place too

see the little lizard on the branch?  his back legs are hanging off like he was just chillin'.  his toes were super long!

hehehehe frog porn, couldn't resist

hopp staring down the cayman.  it was so cute & she was so excited!

after we left the creepy crawler center the peacock was just standing between the two buildings & people were just standing around him.  he was so beautiful!  after a few failed pics i moved by the next buildings doors & got this pic.  it would have only been better had he been showing off.  :)  after i got this pic i ruined it for everyone else because he started moving on.  ooooops!  ;P

i guess this is some sort of large white crane in the 'rainforest' exhibit.  he was so pretty standing up high over everyone, watching us.

q's second pouting session.  i love this picture so much.  she is so beautiful, even when she pouts!  i may have this framed.  love this curly-headed little girl!!!

this is after she saw i was taking a pic & instantly posed for me!  what a silly girl!!!  love that teethy grin.  i hope she always keeps it!


Claudia said...

Looks like y'all had a good time!

stephanni :] said...

we did :) you will have to go with us sometime.