Monday, August 15, 2011

i want to make a granny blanket for my room

i guess you could call this a 2011 resolution...  i want a granny blanket for my bedroom for when it starts getting cold, hopefully we will get some type of winter this year.  i love the gypsy caravan blanket, my friend alice {hehehehe, she is not really my friend, she doesn't even know i exist but i love her stuff & pretend that she is my friend ;) }, made not too long ago.  it's GORGEOUS!!!!  check out the link, i don't want to steal her pics because that wouldn't be nice, i will share mine when i do one.  :)  there is one thing i'm concerned about...  what yarn should i use?  i don't want it to get fuzzy & i will eventually need to wash it so i need it to hold up good.  i don't mind buying more expensive yarn if i have to since i will be wanting to keep it FOREVER!!!  i made my MIL's blanket, my first big project, out of redheart but i want it to be soft.  i still need to post a pic of that, we called it the shaq scarf when i first started making it.  i made it as long as a king size bed is wide & it's about the width of a twin bed.  i have a king size bed so this is going to be quite the project but i know when you start making the squares they turn out fast, i'm just dreading the hiding the end pieces from changing colors, i think that's my most hated thing about crochet, well that & the assembly stuff.  luckily you can assemble the squares as you go if you wish.  i will definitely take her advice & hide my ends as i go.  :)

so all you crochet gurus, what yarn would you use?  my preferred brand of yarn is hobb lobb's i love this yarn & i like the loops & threads stuff from michaels.  do you think these are good brands for a well used item?  like i said i want it to stand up to wear & tear & i don't want fuzzies tickling my nose at night.  :D  i think i might start on it soon, maybe tonight so it's ready by winter. 

hope everyone had a great weekend!  i will post about the weekend later.  :D


CrochetBlogger said...

I'm doing one using primarily Caron's Simply Soft mixed with a few rounds here and there of much fancier super soft yarns. So far I'm loving the feel of it.

stephanni :] said...

i have several of those super bright pink, blue & purple skeins from caron's simply soft line. i may use it but i noticed sometimes they fuzz too easily. i want something that will really stand up to those fuzzies. :)

a morning cup of jo said...

Hi Stephanni! :D I'm not sure how to communicate over blogger, so I'll write here: THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending such sweet messages! You seriously made my day. <3 I'm out of town right now, but I'll definitely come back to explore your blog once I get home. Can't wait to see your granny square blanket! And I'm so jealous that you have a Hobby Lobby near you. My aunt gushed about it after coming back from a trip to Texas, so I'm so excited for the one opening near us in October!!! It evokes that kid-in-a-candy-store excitement in me. :) Anyway, see you soon!