Tuesday, August 2, 2011

what i watched this weekend

we rented battle la & limitless on friday night.  we watched battle la with the girls & it was decent but seemed to go on forever.  you know how when you are watching a movie & it has that one part where your mind kind of goes, 'hey, is this movie going to ever end?', well that's what happened to me.  it was good & worth renting through redbox or through netflix but i wouldn't pay ppv prices for it.  if you like battle/alien/war movies you will probably like this one, it did have a few on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments. 

we then watched limitless after the girls went to bed.  i wasn't for sure if there would be nudity or sex in it but as far as i remember it was pretty tame.  there was violence though & one part that grossed me out but other than that, it was a pretty good movie.  i would pay ppv price for this one.  i wouldn't say it's a must see but pretty close, especially if you like bradley cooper.  he looks terrible in the beginning of the movie but when he starts taking the NZT he gets all purdied-up.  :)  i did like how they made the pill looked.  it almost reminded me of the egg when ovulating right before the sperm fertilizes it.  ;)  that's the only thing that came to mind, it's transparent but has a grainy almost glow effect to it.  i don't know, maybe if you see it you can tell me if i'm crazy.  yes, claudia, i know you already think i'm weird & crazy but you love me long time!  :P

then while jason was at work & the girls were laying down i watched the flock.  this is a movie about 2 parole type officers, not for sure what their real titles were, that checked in on sex offenders.  they seemed to have the worst of the worst offenders.  there are some really creepy parts but was a really good movie.  i don't remember this movie being advertised.  richard gere & claire danes try to figure out if one of their 'flock' is to blame for the disappearance of a local girl.  this is a must see & sad that shit like that really happens.  there are some seriously sick people in this world like that bastard warren jeffs, using religion to MAKE young girls marry him.  the worst part is that the women are so brainwashed they let their young daughters be subjected to men like this.  from what i understand most of the men in their religion have or are married to several women, most really young.  sick bastards.  ok, anywho, back to the movie.  just watch it.  :)

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