Tuesday, August 23, 2011

first 2 days of school

it's been a good 2 mornings.  everyone has been in a good mood, i've gotten up early, well earlier than usual.  i've been successful in our first two lunches for q & i even did hair pretty today.  not that yesterday wasn't, it was just a headband day yesterday.  today i did lots of extra stuff for q.  so here are the pics from the first day...
my sweet little chickens ready for a new school year

so cute!  i made hopp get out of the picture because she refuses to look & smile at me while getting pics taken ;)

cute smile, check!   hello kitty lunch box, check!

rapunzel backpack, check!!!  she is so proud of that backpack & lunch box!  :)

can you believe these shirts are back in style?  she is getting too old!  i'm not old enough to have a JUNIOR!!!

how appropriate, my little chicken sits at the chicken table :)

playing with play dough, starting the day out right :)

so i really want to make sure q has cute hair each day & since she doesn't have straight hair we can't do bangs so i always have to have her hair back, either headband, ponytail or whatever.  she always wants it down so i was really trying to find new ways to do her hair.  plain ponytails get boring!  so while on pinterest, btw, if you aren't on pinterest you are really missing out!  this site is absolutely genius!  anything & everything you possibly wanted to learn to do yourself or inspiration ideas to silly stuff is on here!  well, i stumbled upon this site to do little girls hair.  i had q pick out a style, we printed it out & i tried it out last night.  i have done something similar before but thought this was so pretty!  so here is the finished product...
ponytail veil
it turned out so pretty!  this is the actually page i got it from.  the site is called hairstyles by mommy.  she has the cutest hairstyles!  i'm definitely going for something new tomorrow!  i've thought i might actually do a hair-a-day post or maybe a weekly post of all her hair through the week would be better.  :)

i also did lil' hopp's hair, she use to go to a home daycare where the lady would put her hair in little ponytails all over.  it looked so cute so after baths i did her hair too. 
i should have gotten a pic of her this am but didn't even think of it till now.  but this is the top/back of her pontytails.  i will take a pick of the front later.  :)

i hope everyone had a great first days at school!  i know some of you started last week so that includes you guys too.  :)


Claudia said...

I'm glad they did great with their new routines (and you, too!) ... But those shorts on Jess are too short (maybe I'm old-fashioned)! :O

Keep up the good work, mom!

stephanni :] said...

to an extent i agree with you claudia but have you not seen the girls at school? holy crap some of them are barely covering their ass & girly parts!!!! so these are almost bermuda shorts compared to what i've seen. i'm ok with these shorts. there is a pair that she has that are longer but looks like they are painted on. i have to fight with her about not wearing those! she thinks i'm stupid or something. ;)

thanks for the encouragement claudia, the whole morning thing is a REAL struggle for me. :( doing their hair at night has really helped, i just have to refresh it in the am. :)

stephanni :] said...

i also forgot to point out that i walked her to school this am! we don't live but maybe 2 blocks away so it's really no big deal but hey it's more exercise than i normally get. :)

Claudia said...

Good for you, Steph! Keep it up. I know you'll work toward the change you want.

Kathleen said...

...I totally want you to do my hair! The ponytail veil is fantastic, Q is a lucky girl! (And OMG, do I remember the "new backpack and lunchbox" excitement well. It makes me happy just thinking about it.)

stephanni :] said...

i would love to do your hair! ;) just come on down to texas! i loved the ponytail veil as soon as i saw it! i'm kicking myself because i forgot to take a pic of her hair this am! :( it looks so cute! hopefully it will look decent by the time she gets home. we were running late this am so we didn't walk today. i even walked her to school & back home yesterday even though i felt like death warmed over. :)