Tuesday, August 16, 2011

another 2011 resolution

i'm going to get out my machine!!!!  i originally wanted my machine so that i could make little snugglies & sew a satiny back to it but i have soooo many other things i want to do too.  :)  i think i will get some practice stuff in first before i ruin one of my crochet items. 

do any of you fine ladies, that read my junk, sew?  i need to contact our machine shop in town to find out when their next class is so i can attend one.  i would like to know what your must-haves are when you are sewing.  i'm about to cash in my swagbucks for some amazon giftcards & that is what i'm buying with them, all sewing stuffs.  so if there are a particular pair of scissor or other kind of accessory you think is a must have let me know.  also if you have an item that i shouldn't waste my money on that would be awesome too!  :)

here are some things i found i put on my pinterest that i want to try with my machine...

i can't get the other pics to show like this one so here are the links to the tutes i want to sew

the diana hobo bag... http://thinkliz.com/2009/02/20/diana-hobo-free-pattern/

look at these super cute coasters! http://craftsnob.com/2011/04/sewing-101-part-2/

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