Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a new day

so today was the first day back at the new daycare & she (hopp) was in a great mood this am but i was not having so much luck this am!  i needed a check for daycare, i kept forgetting yesterday to get one, the last check was used so then i had to search for a new book of checks.  i finally found one & as i wrote the check out i looked at the # & it seemed low so i looked at the last book & it was off so i looked at the check i had just wrote & it was for the WRONG acct!  that was close!  i almost made a huge money mistake.  so then i tried looking for the correct bank checks & never found them.  dammit!  so that means, i'm already running late & i have to stop at the atm for some cash & then i need to get change because atms don't give you amts in $5 increments!  ugh, not going good!  so i get hopp all buckled up in her seat & then i remember her medicine.  dammit!!!!  she has to eat something too!  geez!  so i get her the medicine & give her half a cookie to have something in her tummy till they eat at daycare.  so i'm about 10minutes behind & after i hand her a cookie & the meds i look down & my tire is low!  what the....  i knew i needed air on the back driver side but now i need it on the back passenger side!  so now i have to stop & fill them with air!!!  shit!!!!  luckily the wes-t-go by my house has free air, at least i have that going for me.  :)  so now i put air in the tires & heading to the bank.  i get my cash & head to daycare (hopp chatting the whole way there), i'm not in a good mood by now, i'm 20minutes behind now!  so we get to daycare & then i get her out & she says in the sweetest little voice, "i not crying mommy".  awww my heart melts, good mood starts.  :)  we walk in and nanny (daycare lady) gives hopp the biggest hug & is loving on her.  she was a little uncertain as we walk in but then we walk to the daycare area of her house & her attitude changes.  she is making herself at home, chatting with nanny & then her breakfast partner goes & sits next to her & i head out.  all is good, no crying & screaming!  yay for good, fun daycares!  :)  i was 12minutes late for work today but it was worth it to see my lil chicken nugget happy!

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Claudia said...

So glad that she had a better start to the day!