Friday, August 19, 2011

big day yesterday

this week has been pretty unusual, hopp has been having to do breathing treatments. she had RSV at 2mths old & she has had lung issues every since especially during allergy seasons.  it's not terrible but enough to cause her to have the treatments.  she is so use to doing them she never throws a fit & just sits patiently & gets them done.  i have been having her sing while doing them & this helps intake more, or i would think anyways.  we will have lung issues for about 5yrs & then they will either go away or she will end up with asthma.  RSV is no joke!  i'm hoping she grows out of it but expecting different.  i thought i would share a pic of her taking a treatment.  i'm not too fond of posting nekid pics of toddlers but she has everything covered so this is why i'm posting this particular one.  :)

so sweet!!!  look at that little belly :)  she likes to jump on that trampoline when not taking a treatment

so yesterday was a REALLY BIG DAY for my little q!  we started the day off at the hospital for a scheduled EGD scope procedure.  as most of you know, she was diagnosed with Celiac's a month after i was.  she has been so good about eating the correct foods.  she struggles with her addiction to pizza but i'm determined to find a good gf pizza crust!  i will find that perfect crust one day & my little q will get her pizza fix!  :)  she is so good at this new lifestyle adjustment that she puts me to shame on eating habits.

here's the timeline on the hospital visit:
she looked so cute, her little ears stick out just a tad & they are so cute!  i told her she looked like a little elf.  she loved it!  in this pic we were waiting to do paperwork & then to be called back to get her ready.

they told me she could bring something to take back with her so she chose her my little pony to go with us.  the things on the legs are those silicone bands that once you use them they are too stretched out to use again.  she kept saying that it's name was balloony, i think the real name is cheery or something like that.

my big girls!  jess was so sweet with q, she was really worried about q getting the scope done.

i think we are still a little high.  :)  she asked the nurse when she got the iv, she was asleep when they put it in.  this is the first time in 4x that she has been under anesthesia that she was not the mad drunk.  she was in a good mood & was relaxed...  until they were starting to take out the iv.  she asked if she could take it home still intact so they wouldn't touch it.  it was so sad that she was more scared about getting it out than it really hurting.

it was so cute & a little embarrassing, my MIL always does the girl's toes when they spend the night on saturdays & this time they were painted white with little red polka dots.  well the slip-ons she wore made her feet dirty (that's the embarrassing part), the nurse loved them so much she had every nurse that was in the outpatient recovery area come look at her toes!  they all oohed & awed over q, i think it helped a whole lot when it came time to take her back.  she didn't even realize that i was not going with her.  when i left i looked at her & she was just chatting away with one of the nurses.  i know they have lots experience with kiddos & luckily this was a great bunch of nurses! 

oh & i guess my MIL was talking to her about the procedure this past weekend & q kept telling me that they were going to check to see if she had a pocket.  omg that made me laugh, what a great way to help ease the fears.  so we talked a little about the 'pocket' they were going to check out.  i asked her what she thought was going to be in the 'pocket' & she said she didn't know, i told her maybe it would have giggles in it!  we all laughed about it.  :)  well, i got some pics of the 'pocket' & guess what?!?  she had bubbles, they looked like the bubbles you blow, in her 'pocket'.  :)  i forgot to take a pic of the pocket of bubbles but i will try to remember to add them later or would that be too gross?  anywho, there was no damage!  apparently when you are young, damage from celiac's can be healed in a matter of a couple of months!  this is great news! 

around noon i took jess to ahs & dropped her off to do her school stuff.  she had to do her student id, get her books for home (they don't have lockers so they get a set of books for the home & there is a set for them in the classroom) & then got her schedule.  that's the one good thing about high school.  you let them take care of all that.  :)

then, last night we had meet the teacher night.  :)  my lil q will be in kindergarten starting on monday!  (so bittersweet, you want them to grow & be smart & funny & have lots of friends & have a great life but then you think about them as your babies & you never want them to grow up)  her teacher's name is Ms Williams, she is young & sweet & i think this is going to be an awesome year!  she is so excited!  we went & got supplies last night after we got the list & she was so excited about all the new stuff.  i will set everything out & take a pic of all the new school stuff & then post pics of Monday next week.  she is all into hello kitty & tangled.  :)

so since i didn't get any pics of last night at MTT, i remembered i had this pic from last sunday, so i thought i would leave you with this sweet little pic of my hopp...

what an angel!  i just love a sleeping baby!  :)


crystal said...

i loved the giggle pocket part. sooo cute!! how's she doing now?

i found a recipe for a pizza that uses cauliflower puree for the crust. i'm assuming it becomes sort of like a pie crust would when you use grahm crackers and butter? idk. ill find the recipe and send it to you.

stephanni :] said...

crystal she was back to her silly normal self about 11a yesterday. they just wanted her to take it easy for the day.

i found one like that too but interested to know if there is a different take on the one i have. i have been procrastinating on making it just because i'm a little overwhelmed, silly i know but i'm so tired of being disappointed on making gf stuff & it be less than desirable. :( i'm going to make a point to do several new things that are gf during the weekends. i just need to jump in there & have a go at it. :)

Claudia said...

I'm glad she wasn't scared about it and that she did so well. Yay for no damage!

I need to ask one of my friends to add you to this FB group for celiacs. Her kiddos (2 of 3) are also diagnosed.

crystal said...

i've also seen mini zucchini pizzas (with the zucchini as the "crust") and the same done with eggplant. i'd probably perfer eggplant because its texture. might be worth a try.