Monday, August 15, 2011

movies i've watched the last couple of days

we rented Hall Pass the other night & it was pretty funny.  it's about two guys that get a 'hall pass' to be out of their marriage to do whatever they want.  i don't really like owen wilson but his character was decent this time around.  jason sudekis is great & the british guy with the glasses is HILARIOUS!  they should have had more scenes with him in them.  it's definitely one of those movies you catch every once in a while on one of those movie channels & watch it & something new happens or it gets funnier each time you watch.  :)  this is a great movie to watch so go check it out.
Hall Pass

then on saturday we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 at the dirtiest theatre in town but it's only $1.75 per person.  however, i didn't really care for this movie.  it should have been funnier!  it was worth the price but i should have just rented it through redbox instead.  kfp2 is about po learning about where he really came & learning how to get his 'inner peace'.  i thought for sure hopp would have liked it but i wrestled with her most of the movie to get her to pay attention.  i think that q & jess both enjoyed it though.  this is a renter!
Kung Fu Panda 2
i also watched a documentary the other day called Good Hair.  it was good & had lots of funny parts because chris rock is the narrator & the interviewer.  i think he produced it too.  it was really sad to see how they do the indian (middle east not american indian) hair trade!  i was also FLOORED when i found out how much it cost to get a weave!  $1000 in some places & that's the cheapest to get!!!!  i flip out when i think about paying more than $20!!  the hair show cracked me up!  check out those boots that one guy wears, i can't remember his name it's derek j or something like that.  they have lots of famous black women movie stars & singers that he interviews.  this is definitely something to watch!  one of the funniest scenes is when he is in a barber shop talking about touching black women's hair.  :D  so check it out, i think hbo is showing it right now.


crystal said...

i loved hall pass. i thought it was so funny! as soon as we were done with the movie i asked jonathan if he wanted a hall pass. he didn't. lol

i wasn't too impressed with kung fu 2. it wasn't bad, i just thought the first one was better.

i love chris rock. i can't wait to see that movie.

Claudia said...

KFP2 was OK; we paid premium theater prices for it, though. I shoulda known that they were going to set up a third movie, though.

I forgot about Good Hair. I'd seen Chris Rock promoting on some show a few years ago.

I'm not too sure about Hall Pass; the concept maybe is what I don't like. Don't know how I could sit through a whole movie on it.

stephanni :] said...

just so you know crystal, it is a documentary. i have weave envy but what they have to do to keep it weave-alicious is not what i want to deal with!

claudia, hall pass is worth the watch. it's basically like a reverse psychology thing in progress. joy behar is in the movie as a psychologist or whatever she is & tells them they should let them do it because they end up appreciating their wives. i expected way more laughs but it was worth renting. :)