Tuesday, August 30, 2011

an update of sorts....

so this weekend was nice & relaxed.  not much happened, well that i can remember anyways.  :)  but yesterday had some ups & downs.  first off, hopp was acting weird yesterday morning like really fussy & just whiny.  i took her to daycare & she just burst into tears with nanny.  like it wasn't a good day, usually she is clinging on to me & crying but it was "meady", as hopp calls her.  :)  nanny looked at her face & she said, "her lips are white, i think she might throw up", we took her temp & it was good so she said just to leave her & would call me if she needed me.  well, sure enough she threw up about 30 minutes after i dropped her off.  poor baby was not feeling well, that's why she was acting so crazy!  so i went & picked her up & then on the way home she said, "i fro up mama", i said you need to throw up & she shook her head & i grabbed an empty sack in the car & told her if she was going to throw up to do it in the bag, almost before i could finish my sentence she was throwing up in the bag.  :(  poor baby, i hate when your babies are so sick!  so we got in the shower when we got home & then got some pedialyte & got some comfy clothes on.  she laid in my bed & watched some coraline & i started working on my invites to be mailed for a work thing.  we then had some lunch, she ate lots of it!  i think it was all the mucus that she can't spit out when she coughs, i know gross but most of you are mommies & totally know what i'm talking about.  :)  after the car throw up session she never got sick again & was pretty normal acting afterwards.  then she took a nap & then got mad when i had to wake her up 45minutes later to go get q from school but she was excited to see her when we got there.  :)

so sweet!!!

so here's the good part:
i was talking to q after school about her day & i was looking at her mouth when she was talking to me & i noticed something weird about her teeth.  they are starting to move around, does that make sense?  like they are going crooked & one is further in front than the other & then it dawned on me!  q is about to loose some teeth!!!!  :)  oh she has been talking about this for months!!!  so i said q open your mouth & the first one i touched wiggled!!!  :)  i touched a couple more & only one was really noticeable about wiggling so i said to her very excitedly, "q you have a loose TOOOOOOTH!!!!"  omg i wish i had been recording it, she was so super excited.  she wanted to tell daddy & nana right away so i texted jason & told him that q had something really important she needed to tell him as soon as he got on break!  so when he came out for break she ran over to him & told him about her tooth.  she was jumping around & being all silly!  such a happy momentous occasion!  i told her it wasn't quite ready yet but if she works at wiggling it we may have a pulled tooth & a fairy visit by the weekend!  :o)  i will get a pic as soon as we pull it.  oh & q got her bella ballerina shoes she has been dying to get.  my MIL took her to do some errands & they finally saw them at shoe carnival & of course every q wish is her command!  :)  you will get to see them on the hair wrap-up on friday.

speaking of weekends again, this weekend is a 3DAY WEEKEND!!!!!  yipppppppeeeeeeeee!!!!!  i can't wait!  on top of that, it's jason's bday too.  he will be the big 3-5 this saturday & finally the same age as me.  :)

i have not gotten very far on my crochet-along with inner hooker.  :(  on the first week i'm supposed to make 88 rd1/rd2 circles.  i'm only 14 deep!!!  :(  it's taking longer than i thought it would only because i hate, hate, HATE changing colors so often, all that weaving in kills me!  everyone is doing a 6 round granny but i'm only doing a 4 round granny.  so i will probably have to make more than the full 88 squares but we will see because i used a bigger hook plus i think the 4 round looks better & not so bulky.  i will post the circles (hopefully i will have more done tonight at cnc night) on wed. as a wipw.  hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

this is what my "work station" aka the couch looked like this weekend.  as you see, i have more circles done, this was only 11 & i have done all the rd 2 on the orange/red circles.  i just started the red/yellow circles.  the four colors are going to be red/yellow/blue/orange.  i'm doing dark color squares & then bright color squares.  i can't wait to see how it turns out.  i'm then going to join them in black.  it's a version of the afghan found on lafayette's couch on tb.  :o)

sorry bad pic but i did my nails this sunday, forgot about this one.  let me just say that being alone with a 2yr that can't wipe their own butts is not good for drying nails!!!  ;P  i think i have about 5-6 layers of polish on them.  i started out with a dark purple & then added a little/big glitter polish on top & then a tiny glitter layer on top of that.  they turned out really nice & i have had several nice comments on them.  i was asked it they were acrylics, nope they are all my real nails.  :) 


Claudia said...

Hope Hopper is feeling better. Yay for loose teeth and 3-day weekends!

Not sure what all that mumbo-jumbo about hookin' is, so I'll just smile and nod!

Christine C. Moore said...

Can I just cut and paste Claudia's comment?

:( Hopp
:) Q

:/ 88rd1/rd2 Is that some Star Wars reference? ;)

stephanni :] said...

you guys are silly & not for sure why that one area stayed highlighted, i so didn't do that!!!

ok breaking it down:
88 round 1 & round 2 circles have to be done by friday. i may or may not even have half of them done by then. but the next couple of weeks work is only 1 round at a time so i should be caught up by wk 4, hopefully anyways. :)

CrochetBlogger said...

I can totally understand what you mean about so much color changing and end-weaving. I love how super colorful work like that looks when it's completed but I rarely do it myself because it just isn't that enjoyable for me.