Friday, August 12, 2011


lots of stuff to show you that i have talked about & one final showing of what the blanket really looks like.  i did kimberly's baby blanket awhile back & wasn't for sure if she was reading my blog so i had to change the coloring in photoshop so she didn't see the real colors.  :)  i also made some stuff for prizes for her shower this weekend but actually didn't have to give them away because no one showed but one other person which is her cousin (my husbands aunt) so we didn't play any games.  i may just put them on my etsy site & sell it with a hot pad i'm working on.  :)  so without further ado here is all my purdy stuffs.  :)

yellow/pink is kimberly's finished blanket

look what i can do...  coffee sleeve corset!!!  i still have some tweaking to do but it turned out pretty good :)

my apron, this was going to be the big prize.  glad i went with the bright blue to outline the grannies :)

first washcloth, in the same pattern as the baby blanket

made 3 of them for her.  :)

put a bow around them & they are so pretty like this.  i will definitely be making more of these as baby gifts! :)
the apron, corset, & washcloths were all made with lily yarn.  i love their really bright colors & it works up beautifully  :) 

a little funny: she is a first time mommy and doesn't know much about brand new babies so when we started talking about the umbilical cord still being attached as a stump & that it has to fall off on it's own & you can't get it wet, etc, etc.  her eyes got huge & it was so funny/cute.  i told her if she ever had questions to call & i would help her out.  she said, "i'll just drop her off".  :)  ok, fine with me, i can give her back for night feedings.  :)

happy fof day everyone, looking forward to seeing everyone's stuff today!


pinkundine said...

I love the coffee sleeve corset - so much more fun than a regular sleeve ;)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Great idea - washcloths as baby shower gifts. And how sweet they looked tied up in ribbons like that!

CrochetBlogger said...

All very cute. I love those coffee sleeve corsets.

stephanni :] said...

thanks ladies! i love to crochet :)

Kathleen said...

Your projects always make me so happy---I love that corset coffee cuff, it's so adorable and fun! Those would make awesome gifts at a bridal shower, I think. :D

I love the Lily bright colours, too, I always pet them longingly in the store---I love how they make variegated and solids that coordinate! It makes me want to find some projects I can do with them...

Also, your granny apron turned out amazing. The blue was an awesome choice.