Wednesday, August 10, 2011

bathroom humor

we have a cleaning crew that comes every monday, wednesday and i think saturday evening and it always seems that the paper towel dispenser gets neglected.  :(  there is nothing worse in having to reach above the dispenser when your hands are soaking wet and it dripping down to your armpits!!!!  GROSS!!!!  i'm a stickler when it comes to my hand washing in public!  i have a routine, dispense the paper towels, think about it, how many times have you seen someone just RINSE their hands & then touch the dispenser?  DOUBLE GROSS!!!  you don't just rinse away your cooties!!!  so ok sorry, dispense your towels, wash hands, pull towels off the dispenser, keep towels, open door with towels, again see the note about just rinsing or even worse just leaving the restroom and NOT WASHING YOUR HANDS!!!  TRIPLE GROSS!!!!!!!  so please ladies, teach your darling children the correct way to wash their hands so they don't get other people's cooties and also so they don't spread their own.  so back to the empty dispenser, i made a cute sign.  :)  same thing with the soap dispenser!  ugh so frustrating!!
he's hungry!!!!

on another note about bathroom etiquette, please turn around and make sure everything is flushed!  i have walked in many stalls and there are still remnants of what have been unflushed.  is it THAT hard to flush in the first place?!?  i have to remind my GIRLS of this often, turn around and look what you left behind, rings are gross, as is left over pee or pink surprise on the seat!!!!  sorry tmi!!  we were using a jcpenney bathroom one day and i looked in the handicap potty and it looked like someone was murdered in there.  i think some dumb kid smeared a tampon all over the floor!!! again, tmi but i think peeps need to be aware to teach their kids how to have good bathroom etiquette!  that kid/person should be whipped in public for that dumb shit!  i made sure to alert the mgr on duty.  poor person that had to clean it!  i went to take hopp about an hour later after that little fiasco & it was still shut down for cleaning!!!

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