Friday, August 26, 2011


thanks to someone (annette, don't know why i'm calling her out, she doesn't even read this) on facebook i have that stupid friday song by a young teen, not the kp one.  but anywho, it's friday so i get to show off my finished stuff!  :)  so if you would like to see other creative stuff head on over to tami's amis & check them out, it's mostly knit but there is a few crochet heads like me. 

first off is a bit of a cheat but i was testing it out & did a starburst granny for my crochet along i'm doing starting today i believe so if you crochet & want to join us head on over to inner hooker on fb to get more details.  :)  i can't get a correct color example but the two pics are terrible with the true colors.  i don't even care for them as a blanket so this will end up on the potholder wall.  :)  the real colors from inside out are navy blue, deep red, burnt orange (not bright orange), deep purple, mustard green & grey.  jason said it reminded him of thanksgiving, i was thinking fall.  the colors are really nice together but just not something i would want to look at on my bed.  so now i just need to figure out what colors i want to use.  any suggestions anyone?

starburst granny

 so i have some leftover yarn from that hat i did for a friend & wanted to do something with it because i didn't think i would ever use it so i got the cream & black from her other projects & did a simple granny in different color variations.  the cream is peaches & cream (i think, didn't look like lily stuff) & the black is lily sugar n' cream yarn.  the rainbow yarn is redheart i believe, not for sure of colorway.  each set of 2 is the exact opposite with the white/black.  i really like them & might actually make me some.  :)

my coasters :)  sorry poor picture quality again. 

hope everyone has a great friday & can't wait to see everyone's stuff.

i plan on a hair post later today.  i did hair super cute today & most of the week.  :)


witchyknits4ewe said...

Very lovely. It's sometimes so hard to get photos to show the real colors!

Claudia said...

I'm not an outer hooker, let alone an inner hooker ... good luck with that! ;)

Nice lookin' stuff.

stephanni :] said...

thanks, all i have is my phone for pics & i think i might be able to get a better pic outside. i will try it at lunch. :)

claudia, you are so silly! thanks! :D