Thursday, August 4, 2011

i need prize ideas for baby shower this weekend

ok so i think i have the gift idea for the 2yr old.  i have some silicone molds and i'm going to make shaped crayons for him.  they are so cute & great for the budding artist.  :)

so now my dilemma is, i'm throwing a shower for a family member this sunday.  i have her gift all made but i was thinking about game prizes.  i know i'm going to put one of mug cozies as a prize but what else would be a good prize to make, i'm thinking i need at least 2 more prizes.  i'm all about saving money so any good patterns anyone would like to share or ideas to share on a good prize?  i'm thinking i will hit up pinterest for some diy ideas too.  :)


SassyMomma said...

what if you crochet a stack of dish or wash cloths and tie them up with a cute bow? you can also get some cans paint, veggie, etc and decorate them and drop a cheap candle in one and some pencils or pens in another :0)

stephanni :] said...

you know i was thinking of crocheting some washcloths & making them into lollipops, i've seen them on pinterest & they are super cute!

thanks for the ideas. :o)

SassyMomma said...

Ohhhh I like the lollipop idea! I've only seen baby sock lollipops lol Well, take pics of what you do so I can see it!! I'm missing crochet night :(

crystal said...

OR you could make nothing, go to ross and buy awesome $3 prizes like i did for my friend's shower this weekend. i got a keys sign, mosaic night light, leopard print mug and a huge candle that smells like toffee.