Monday, August 1, 2011

weekend wrap-up & an oh-no-you-didn't!!!!

this was a pretty chill weekend again, friday we went to hastings to rent movies, i'll post about those later.  then on saturday we were pretty busy.  we took the recycling to the hot dog store aka sam's, picked up q from her first sleepover, went to the library, played at the mall play area, and finally got to swim in our pool for a little bit.  our pool has been the bane of my existence this summer, our regular pump went out on us & by the time intex sent us one (for free & no shipping) it was way too late.  i should have dumped the water & started over!  it's been at least 6wks since we have been able to swim.  it was fun we missed the pool, it will have to wait a few days before we can get back in because we stirred it up, just the little left at the bottom.  :)  then after nap, i dropped jess off at her cousin's house & then the little girls off at nana's & i went to the store for some stuff for dinner & got me some LOL (Love Our Lambrusco) no kidding that's what it's called, my opinion of the best lambrusco out there!  much better & cheaper than the Riunite kind.  ij went to friends to play poker & i got all the quiet time to crochet & drink some wine!  awesome!  i don't really care to spend evenings by myself but on occasion i really enjoy it!  oh & i made a gf cheesecake!  it needed just a bit more sugar but was really good with the cherries on top.  :)  then on sunday i got to sleep in until 11a!!!  love it!  i remember getting to sleep until 1p, those were the days!  i love my sleep time, seriously wish i could find a job to crochet when awake & test mattresses while i sleep!  perfect job!  :)  then i got up & watched a little tv & then waited for the girls to get home & we did pretty much nothing after that!  great weekend!  hope everyone had as good as a weekend as i did.  here are some pics to enjoy :)

looks like she is about to debut for dancing with the stars :) look at that crazy hair!

loved this purse & instantly thought of crystal.  :)  i even sent her the pic but it was almost $50!!!  ummm, no thanks!

my gf cheesecake, those graham crackers are delish!!!  definitely worth paying extra for! 

hopp reading to q one of the new library books we got

finally bought paint for q's desk, which i didn't get the office cleaned yet.  :(  i did however get the desk sanded yesterday & will get it painted in the next day or two, hopefully.  oh & we went with the purple.  the pink was just too in your face!
 today was hopp's first day at her new daycare.  all was good until we got inside!  here is how it went...

She was fine, we walked in, she was still good, her husband (daycare lady's) came through the kitchen & she introduced us & all hell broke loose!! She screamed & fought with us. We took her to the daycare part where other kids were sitting down & she was not having it! I signed her in & left her screaming, as I was about to pull out she came running/screaming to the front door. She has a lock on the door so she couldn't get out. I stopped & motioned to her to give her a drink & she nodded at me.  (a drink will cure everything for hopp!  if she is in a bad mood, screaming or crying hand her a glass of whatever & she becomes an angel) I called her (daycare lady) after my meeting & she said it took about 2 minutes for her to calm down. Her husband picked her up & started talking to her, they offered her water or milk & then they started talking about breakfast & a special breakfast partner & she was fine. :-) oh man it was so hard leaving her crying & screaming, she has only done that one or two times ever & this was by far the hardest. I knew if I left she would be fine but it was really bad! She said that she was talking & laughing & doing puzzles so I guess she realized it wasn't so bad.

i can't wait to pick her & see her smiling & that i really was coming back for her!  she is so funny & i know she will love at the new center.  :)  just hoping that tomorrow will go smoother.  i know it will be because she is such a good natured kiddo & i know she will remember how much fun she had today.  :)
on the way to daycare with the dora backpack her sister q let her have.  she is so damn proud of that backpack & i taught her how to drag it behind her.  she thought you were suppose to push it in front of you like a wheelbarrow.  :)

no for the oh-no-you-didn't! 
ummm, so ok, our porch to the backyard is pretty elevated & it's high enough where i can actually look into the backyard across from us & the backyard next to us.  i always happen to look in my next door neighbor's yard just because the screen door opens that way & when i grab it to close it that's what's in my line of view.  keep in mind that that side of my fence is in bad need of a new fence & we can even see through to his yard without being on the porch steps!  i look over & see his beautiful pool & he is on a raft... BUTT ASS NEKID!!!  yes i said nekid, that's how us country texans say naked!  :)  i'm not kidding!  i was shocked!  he was on his stomach on the raft looking towards his house so i'm guessing he didn't see me.  so i quickly get down & go make sure the girls are good in the pool, they are with jess & safe because she is a certified lifeguard & it was just a second.  i went to go get towels & he was flipped over!  omg, please don't let me see any peen!  he was turned so i couldn't see anything.  it was like a wreck, once you know it's there you can't help but look!  well i hurry in to tell jason what is going on (for the second update) & he couldn't believe it either.  so i head back out with towels & tried not to look, but looked anyway.  he had gotten out & was drying himself off, i never saw any peen thank goodness!  but jess saw his ass as he got out of his pool!  she was so embarrassed but it was also funny to her!  so the more i thought of it, because not that he was nekid but because it was just weird, we live in a city where our houses are fairly close together & my porch is elevated AND HE DOESN'T HAVE A COMPLETE FENCE PUT UP!  i'm serious!  so was he wanting someone to catch him nekid?!?  i know he knows we can see off our porch, he has seen me go outside on-the-daily.  AGAIN HE DOESN'T HAVE A COMPLETE FENCE PUT UP TO COVER HIS ENTIRE BACKYARD!  i think he figured it out & that's why he got out by the time i had come back out with the towels.  i hope he doesn't do it again!  i really don't want to see bright white ass again!  i see enough of that on true blood!  :P


Claudia said...

You crack me up!

Crochet and testing mattresses .... just don't tell me how well you test them, ok?

Your neighbor is CRAZAZY! Is he good lookin' tho? LMAO!!!

crystal said...

hahahaha omg!!!! i can't believe someone would just float around naked in their pool. well, i guess if you're going to do that your back yard is the place to do it, but at least check the fence for holes. lol

stephanni :] said...

when i say mattress tester we are ONLY talking sleep! i seriously think i could sleep 16+hrs a day!

listen, my neighbor is NOT, i repeat NOT good looking!!!! he is military so no meat on his bones & is one of the weird-looking military guys. a uniform doesn't always make guys hot!