Friday, August 12, 2011

UGH! why do i even care?!?

why do i let a show get to me?  i love reality shows but i really DISLIKE all the fake people & then you have the worst category of people ever on there... BULLIES!! 

i have been watching big brother (bb) & they just let one of the previous evicted peeps back to fight for a chance to get back in the house.  lawon is such a non-player & they voted him out but they should have made ugly-ass rachel get kicked to the curb!  do you remember how much i described you how much i dislike her?  anywho her man got kicked out of the house the previous one before lawon & he was picked by fans to come back!!!!  WHAT?!?  are you kidding me?  do you remember how much of a bully he was in telling people what they were going to do?  it would have been a better game had rachel been evicted & she had to fight for a chance to win against her man to see if she would have played or just let him win!  we don't need these two back in the house!!!  please tell me none of my friends (carissa & candi, i'm calling you out!) voted for him to come back!  i didn't vote but i thought for sure it would have been dominic coming back! 

again, why do i even care?  i may not watch anymore & just watch after dark on showtime, it's the bb version that is better anyway.  it's uncensored & they are more real on there. 

well here's to hoping the newbies actually band together & kick those 2 out of the house!!  :D 


Claudia said...

At least you know you're a little too attached to this show.

I don't watch this show or much reality television to be honest.

But, chill; it's a show and you don't have any control over it at all. ;)

Claudia said...
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stephanni :] said...

i removed your second comment because it was a dupe not because it was bad. :D love you xoxox

i know, i feel that even if we vote, it's really out of our control. even with idol, i still think that producers have a huge hand in what's actually put on-air or chosen as a 'winner'. does that make sense?