Friday, July 29, 2011

do you want one of my fof coffee mug cozys?

i would be glad to make you a cozy for your ugly mug. **giggles**

i will be making some in a variety of colors this weekend but if you want a specific color or something special as the button or a cute something like a flower or maybe even something else.  i have tons of buttons even glittery ones.  i will post a pic of all my cute buttons later.  just contact me if you want one.  i will even give you a mug to put it on if you don't have one already.  :)  oh & i can make can koozies & coffee sleeves as well.  just let me know.

coffee mug cozy with mug...$10       without a mug...$7
coffee sleeve...$5
can koozie...$6
want a hackey sac???  $8

see the post below the 'what we watched' post for examples or just click on the crochet label to see all my crochet stuffs.  :)

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